Sara Netanyahu indicted for fraud in 'residence affair'
Tova Tzimuki, Yael Freidson
Published: 21.06.18, 14:12
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1. can we charge the people who ate the food with collusion?
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (06.21.18)
Seriously...she's allegedly running amok with the budget and the kitchen and the man who lives in the same house with her, he didn't know?
Did he think she was whipping up the gourmet delights all on her own in her spare time away from her practice as a child psychologist?
2. Meltdown of the empire! wow.
3. this is the tip of the iceberg...
for donkey's years the royal couple has been going to restaurants eating the best food, drinking the best wines and then NOT PAYING the bill.

Truly it is the worst kept secret in town...restaurateurs cringe when the royal couple's staff call to make reservations because they know that the royal couple will eat the excellent food and leave the restaurant owners to eat the bill!
4. Every restaurant: submit proof of non-payment.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.21.18)
If this is the case, every restaurant must submit proof of non-payment for when the Netanyahu's either ate at the place or when the food was delivered to their home.

If this $100,000 amount is correct, then it's long past the time for the PM to resign. If he pay's the full amount to the restaurants, and a hefty fine, then spare him prison, but it's time for him to go.
5. Fake news
Victor ,   Berlin   (06.21.18)
How much costedthis so-çalled investigation..

Compared to the household of other politicians all over the planet, is this peanuts.

6. Victor from Berlin at TB5: sit down!
Sofia Invicta ,   Israel   (06.21.18)
1. Learn English
2. Learn to spell in English
3. Stop shouting (N.B. Only Mrs. Netanyahu is allowed to shout like that!)
4. The only "hysteric & paranoid people" here is you!
5. We Israelis are not "garbitch' we are G-d's chosen people.
6. "Brave & courageous" are inappropriate adjectives for the Netanyahus. I could give you a few appropriate adjectives but then this TB probably wouldn't make it past the censors. Enough said.
7. If only I could find a woman like Sara Netanyahu !!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.21.18)
I'd get married tomorrow, but all I can do is fantasize, and yes, those kind of fantasies.
8. Ms Piggy will never be found guilty
They will have made sure to have dug out every bit of dirt possible on every witness, and to have found scapegoats who will be found to have misled the poor dears. They've tried, and failed, to get past Erdoganiyahu's gang of collaborators.

The only way Nutti will be forced down from his dictator's seat will be when someone in the closer ranks of the cabinet gets as greedy for power as him and decides that he's had enough of the waiting.

But, it will be fun watching the joke that the courts are, the signed depositions that no other court in the world will accept, the pathetic lawyers (I've watched them in the high court - useless), the paid judge...
9. Good job!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.18)
This self-entitled nobody clealy thinks she's beyond the law. Lock her up for a while. She totally deserves it. Hateful woman.
10. This old piece of shit makes the headline again.
Peter Falk ,   Canberra Australia   (06.21.18)
This garbage is a crook well supported by her husband. How can he sleep with her is another story!! Maybe Natanyahu is a gay. If I had a wife such as Sara I would throw her to the dogs for lunch and get Gal Gadot or any other beautiful woman by my side. This woman is a shame to Israel.
11. The amount isn't an issue, she reps the Israeli corruption.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.21.18)
Her punishment should reflect country's commitment to equal justice for all under the law. I advise her attorneys should be reprimanded for hiding her guilt, for lying and unscrupulously manipulating the laws.
12. likud should dump bibi because he will be indicted
areieh   (06.21.18)
bibi is on his way out. he will be indicted.his wife has been indicted. there is just too much smoke. her lawyer does not sound convincing to me.

bibi has to consider that his wife may serve some time in jail. and he too if he is indicted. speak to olmert to find out what jail was like.
13. its notusyahuuuuuuu will say that a conspiracy is unfolding
Tehraniporou   (06.21.18)
and the average right-winger who would elect a cow holding a likud banner would cry out loud against the petty leftwing judges
14. Your prescription is to get an ophtalmologic appointment and
Tehraniporou   (06.21.18)
change your glasses.
15. I like young israelis so I would choose Bar Zomer at beach
Tehraniporou   (06.21.18)
she is ohhhhhhh. C"est le genre de filles qui dit viens on s'aime et on abandonne tout, job, famille, maison et on pars a bora bora ensemble
16. Mandelblit the incorruptible
C   (06.21.18)
sara netanyahu should accept a prison term rather than bow to incorruptible
17. Are the PM and his wife and family expected to "Golda Meyer"
Rivkah   (06.22.18)
their years in public life? She prepared the meals for guests who ate at her kitchen table, hence the term "kitchen cabinet" evolved. If Israel were a poor nation, then the PM and his family should eat like beggars like Golda Meyer and her guests did. What would people get if I were the cook? Not much. Some celery stalks and apples fried in a skillet in olive oil with cabbage and onions, some salt and lemon peel granules with water as a beverage. Actually, water was King David's favorite beverage (from the spring at Engedi). I might offer a raw egg to them as dessert to drink from a dessert dish.
18. Politics and crime
Bjørn Brendløkken ,   Hamar   (06.22.18)
No shit, corruption linked to Israeli government. Not the first time, not the last. Do something right for all. Lock them crappy politicians in leading positions up in jail, and get some people who want equal rights for everyone in stead.
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