Indictment implicates PM's wife in offenses blamed on Saidoff
Tova Tzimuki, Yael Freidson and Roi Rubinstein
Published: 21.06.18, 23:19
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1. goodness the Prime Minister knows nothing about this?
How different from another Prime Minister who took full responsibility for his wife's foreign bank account and resigned.
2. PM Netanyahu RESIGN NOW!
3. opa! them r some serious charges!
4. naturally, PM Netanyahu will be supportive of his wife!
He'll settle this by writing a check...because as we all know he doesn't know from credit cards or smart phones or gourmet food!
5. let Zara dress her: "I really don't care. Do you?"
because just like the FLOTUS, Mrs. Netanyahu is completely and totally TONE DEAF!
6. The PM is the lowest paid Head of a country in the world
HayaSara!! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.22.18)
he works for gratis not much different from President Trump not
for the money leave him alone he is the man of the moment
for Israel in the violent Middle East. The people will side with
Sara out of a feeling that the Left and especially the media
hate them and he will be reelected no matter and in spite of
whatever happens . The Media and the rest of the Left think
they have won here when in fact they just keep digging their
political grave deeper and deeper....the people know this
is a Leftist vendetta no one is fooled that its over the money
to entertain for how many years how many world dignitaries
7. Ma Ba
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (06.22.18)
This woman should be tried like any other citizen. Should she be found guilty then she should be punished like any other citizen. After all, the Israeli legal system claims equality before the law ie we are a democracy. Sometimes its very difficult to see this claimed equality observed, some are more equal than others it seems.
8. In defence o Netanyahu (Sarah)
sasha ,   Bilbao, Basque   (06.22.18)
I do not see a big deal in what was done.
1. I t could be the cooks were not as good, th PM had to recieve VIPs at his residence, so his wife bought some high end food, knowing these receptions were important for the state.
2. So there was a regulation, which is ludicrouse, what is wrong to use a official cook + some extras. To overcome the regulations she would call the cooks "cleaners", this is an imaginative way to overcome a stupid regulation. The regulations were probably written i the period of "Tzena" in the 50's.
3. It is 100K USD in 3 year, 3K UsD a month for recieving people, not such a big deal.
9. Jail her - let's get rid of this mishigine
Zoe   (06.22.18)
10. Not relevant
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.18)
11. I don't know nothing said manuel the waiter
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.18)
In fawlty towers.same said by our PM in "Sarahs"
Affair(s),and the submarine affair .
too bad.
israels best (open) kept secret are the
Non-payment habits of our "royal" couple.
it maybe so that our PM is an impressive orator in english and is great in "administrating"(visionless) our politics. However morally, ethically his valueless conduct requires his replacement.
12. petty, but not criminal
David   (06.22.18)
The wife of the PM is evidently snobbish and arrogant, and accustomed to excess. However, I don't think she should be charged for any of this. Some public figures may choose to live modestly, and others may choose otherwise. It should not be a criminal matter. The entire dispute apparently revolves around the question of whether there was a chef on the premises or not. It is a petty issue, and not one for the justice system to be involved in at all.
13. Associate Professor
ABITBOL Marc ,   Paris   (06.22.18)
This is not a conspiracy from the leftists against Sara ou Benyamin Netanyahou. Their conduct is inacceptable. The affair of the cigars and Champagne and the much more serious affairs concerning BEZEQ and Israel Hayom as well another Newspaper constitute a peril to the state of Israel. Out of greed, a minister turned out to be a spy for Iran. The Rule of Law applies to every Israeli Citizen. Nobody is impossible to replace. There are smart statesmen anstateswomen both in the Likoud and in the Labor and the Center. Olmert was a good Prime Minister and went to Jail. The State has not collapsed for that reason. Yaalon, Gantz, Tzipi Livni, Ayelet SHAKED, Gideon SAAR and other political figures can do the Job......NETANYAHOU SHOULD HAVE REMAINED AN EXAMPLE FOR VTHE NATION as PERES and RIVLIN ARE. STOP inventing conspiravcies. Sara Netanyahou is disgusting. AVICHAI MANDERBILT is an attorney bGeneral very religious and he would not have indicted Sara Netanyahou if the Proofs of her unacceptable misconducts and Thefts were not ironclade proven. Ynet and Yediot Aharonot open their pages to very serious Journalists . Dror Benyemini is not exactly what one could call a Leftist Journalist . The same holds true for other journalists such as Ronen Bergman , Yoav ZITOUN..........Haaretz is not anymore the First newspaper in Israel........because it contributes to the delegitimization of Zionism and of the State of Israel?. Gideon LEVY is completely crzy and onesided , Amira Rass too even some of their analyses deserve to be read. Israel should get read of Netanyahou . His behaviour during the Elior AZARIA AFFAIT put TSAHAL in great DANGER. His behaviour during the last election was an attack to the Israeli Democracy. His attacks to to the Supreme Court and against the Israeli Broadcating Authority are blatant attacks against the Israeli Democracy which are unacceptable to any political party attached to ZIONISM. I appreciate the fact that regularly Haaretz opened his pages to Moshe AHRENS who is a genuine Democrat and a former Minister of Defense of outstanding class. Thattacks from supid guys from the LIKUD against MEIR DAGAN Z'L were a SHAME and NETANYAHOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TOLERATED THEM . He migh have been behind them at some moments before backtracking
14. Saidoff must fall on the sword,.... for the Motherland!
15. bibi will be indicted
mickey   (06.22.18)
it is almost certain that bibi will be indicted. and at least there is a real possibility that one or both will be give an prison term.

if my wife is doing some odd things, there is a chance that i would know about it.

speak to olmert about what jail was like and how to adjust to it. good luck.
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.22.18)
This is the COUNTDOWN PHASE for the Netanyahus. We never thought Obama would be gone but he is gone basically out of site. We applied the COUNTDOWN PHASE logic and he his gone and so will the Netanyahus some day.
17. Arabs enjoying the Self Hate Show here
HowToSelfDestruct101 ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.18)
We are their best hope in fulfilling their
Dream of destroying the Jewish Homeland
Jewish disease of self hate is their best
Weapon better than a million missiles all they have
To do is buy some popcorn sit back smile
And watch the show and wait for us to
Self destruct ..we have seen the enemy
Theand it is .!
From the Koran: “ Allah
Is the master of patience”
18. #8: No one is holding a gun 2 his head forcing him 2 b PM
If he doesn't like the salary he doesn't have to carry on being Prime Minister...he can go & get a better paying job.

But now that you mention it...if he is soooo poorly paid: howEVAH did he manage to purchase a 3 floor apartment in Rehavia (the most expensive neighborhood in Jerusalem) and a house with a swimming pool in Ceasaria (the most expensive and exclusive city in Israel)?

Those two properties were purchased by him AFTER he became Prime Minister and they are in his name...howEVAH does a man who is the longest serving worst paid Prime Minister afford such expensive real estate?

Basically your diatribe is just a FAKE NEWS!
19. 2 TBer "Ufoolish&Jewish, Jerusalem"
Rita Skeeter ,   Israel   (06.22.18)
Naturally you do remember that:
1. in September, 1997 Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the failed hit against HAMAS' Halid Ma'ashal in Jordan. As a result of Netanyahu's failure, he sent Ma'ashal the antidote AND released HAMAS head Ahmed Yassin.
By releasing Ahmed Yassin, Netanyahu unleashed the worst ever wave of terror against the people of the State of Israel, that any single Prime Minister has ever released including the "gentlemen" who handed the Oslo deal.
2. in October 2011 Prime Minister Netanyahu released 1,027 Palestinian terrorists (many with blood on their hands) in exchange for 1 soldier. This was the highest price ever paid for 1 single soldier of the State of Israel. Immediately after the release of the 1,027 Palestinian terrorists another wave of terrorism began.

Given points 1 and 2 above I would pipe down on the "Oslo Slaughter Peace (Piss*) Process Slaughter" because Jewish life per Jewish life more Jews have died due to terrorism under Prime Minister Netanyahu than under any other Prime Minister of Israel.

*Piss Process = this is an expression belonging to the late Prime Minister Shamir (Likud) who participated in the pre-Oslo talks better known as "The Madrid Conference"

All of that said since you are so fond of name calling and argumentum ad really don't have a clue what kind of people I am.
But I know that you are a totally ignorant one who has no idea what the REAL history of Israel is and how true it is that the single Prime Minister who has taken us closest to the abyss of national suicide is the Prime Minister you praise so highly - that would be the so-called G-d give one - whose real last name is Mileikowsky...meaning he's just another Pollack...probably that's just like you...another ignorant Pollack showing off how ignorant you are!

20. Gold Meyer cooked for her Cabinet Ministers herself and they
Rivkah   (06.23.18)
at her table, hence the Ministers who work for PM are called the "Kitchen Cabinet". People lose site of the value of some things. I eat a raw egg daily as the most precious meal of the day because a college classmate risked her life to steal an egg when the Russians invaded Berlin. She ate it raw. An egg is worth a person's life, in other words. That is good to remember. The PM's wife should serve raw eggs to guests to remind them of that instead of fancy food from restaurants whose owners hate the PM and his wife inspite of their bringing business to them from others. Forget the fancy restaurants and go back to basics.
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