Itinerary for Prince William’s Israel visit
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.06.18, 09:48
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1. "Palestinian culture, music and food"
A ,   OutThere   (06.22.18)
Prince Willy better have a falafel in Jerusalem first, he's going to be pretty hungry...and the "palestinians" have no culture, no music and no food.
2. "Jerusalem as 'occupied Palestinian territory' "
C   (06.22.18)
is consistent with decades old british policy.

britain will never have a single word regarding jerusalem as the capital of
the sovereign jewish state of israel.
it is a pity that the foreign office decided to ruin the visit by the duke of
cambridge to israel, the first official visit by a member of the royal family.
nevertheless, the duke of cambridge is welcome.
3. If he wants Pal culture,he must order big glass of Yogurt
Alan ,   SA   (06.22.18)
to wash down his felafel at Abduls in Abu Dis
4. Enjoy and Learn Prince William
Tova   (06.22.18)
You may be the first monarch to appreciate Israel in this generation.

We know British history was not kind to Jews. We also know there were those who were kind to Israel however few they may be.

TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (06.23.18)
It is of course a happy occasion ,and a welcome by the Duke of Cambridge and we are looking forward to it. Sadly, it seems to me that when one is so famous it is difficult to really see the country like most visitors can ,because of security considerations and media etc a fellow in Prince William's position can not simply go for a walk and go exploring without being pestered and hounded by the press,photographers etc.
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