Corbyn: Labour government would quickly recognize Palestine
Associated Press
Published: 22.06.18, 20:10
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1. Coward Obama did not recognize Palestine on '67 borders
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (06.22.18)
Fear of Jews.
2. This is the least UK should do to atone for t- Balfour crime
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.22.18)
3. Change the name of England
Tova   (06.22.18)
You can change the name Islamland - Then for sure you will voted in.
You will have to the the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family to flee England.

You will have to learn to speak Arabic, Enforce Shira Law - don't worry
I am sure there are enough Imans to teach what you need to know.

Change the name of London to Islamdon. Oh, I forgot England is almost
4. Hero for the average man. It’s a show that not work.
Eden   (06.23.18)
Ask him to go over the border to Jordan and see the 2 million refugees from
Syria. He won’t do it.
5. Morally Bankrupt
Golani ,   Vineland, NJ   (06.23.18)
Both Obama and Corbyn are and have always been morally bankrupt. Hopefully one day the world will be back on track and evil will be gone. Am Israel Chai v'Kaiyam.
6. They've already stated their plan of action
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (06.22.18)
Embrace Hamas
Embrace Hezbollah
Embrace PFLP
Begin pogroms in the UK
Send UK Jews to concentration camps
Send UK ballistic missile subs to nuke Israel
7. Stalinist Corbyn is irrelevant
C   (06.22.18)
8. Will sit well with traditional British antisemitism. Party
allegiance is but a minor detail in this context.
Doomed country, on a doomed continent.
9. Who cares?
Steven ,   UK   (06.23.18)
Socialist scumbag and terrorist supporter Corbyn is irrevelant. Just like Sweden and it's irrevelant decision recognizing "Palestine".
10. Ugly bastard Corbyn...WE will get you...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.23.18)
11. funny
David   (06.23.18)
Funny that this moronic scum is visiting a Syrian refugee camp to show his "humanitarian" concerns. He's a Hezbollah supporter, and no doubt an Assad supporter over the years as would befit an Israel-hater like himself. It is inconceivable that he ever would have supported anything that would have helped a single Syrian citizen, other than the murderous forces of the regime.
12. And who cares?
Shep   (06.23.18)
Britain has not been a friend to Israel since before 1948, so why should we expect a different attitude? It better that Britian’s position is out in the open. This is why Israel exists. If Israel had to trust any country with their security you can be sure Israel would be betrayed.
13. Anti -semitic
terry jacob ,   manchester   (06.23.18)
Grobin is not anti-Semitic he just does not like Jews
14. "When I will be PM"
tiki ,   belgium   (06.23.18)
When you will be PM, UN will not exist....and so will "Palestine".
15. This man
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.23.18)
is a scumbag of the first degree, a filthy anti Semite, a Marxist, a worshipper of Hamas and Hezbollah, an inept politician and a brainless fool. If he ever gets into power in UK he and his associates will bring the country to its knees. I am not sure that the British deserve such a fate but that is what they will get.
It is well known that Israel cooperates with UK in matters of security and intelligence. I hope that this cooperation will cease immediately if he is ever in power, he is a dangerous man for Israel and UK.
16. More frightening UK’s “educated youth “ support
“Liberal”UKRacists ,   Jerusalem   (06.24.18)
Proof after proof of rampant racist Anti Semites
In Top positions in the party and yet half
Of British voters support this party and they
Are overwhelmingly the young and “well
Educated” this should send chills down
British Jewry’s spines .These young and
״well educated liberal “ Brit’s are willing
To tolerate and vote for racist Anti Semites as long
As they get to stay in equally Anti Semitic
Europe for their personal financial gain.
Truly scary world we live in
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