The monsters in our midst
Yehuda Nuriel
Published: 22.06.18, 23:27
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1. Don't worry,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.23.18)
Judgement is very much a personal thing.
2. scum.
3. First step in dealing with far-right extremism
Admit that you have a problem.
4. not jews at heart and disgusting
Barney   (06.22.18)
sickening. same class as isis, hamas, and hezbollah.
5. Hypocrite Nuriel has never called Arab terrorists monsters
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.23.18)
6. If there is a video and audio. The filth should be sued.
Eden   (06.23.18)
Mandelbilt. Why are u doing nothing.?????.
7. At same time. Drug test these disgusting behaving youth
Eden   (06.23.18)
8. Like Leftists who cheered whenEliza Begin died
Ynet/LeftistHypocrit ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.18)
when the death of Eliza Begin was announced
Peace Now demonstrators outside his home
Cheered screamed with joy and applauded
Who cheer when Jews are murdered with celebratory
Fireworks not to mention how many on the left
Justify murder of Jews in Judea and Samaria
Professor Sternheld to Palestinians “don’t kill
Israelis concentrate on settlers” You Leftist
Ynet Hypocrites
9. nice to hear a human voice in this jungle,it gives
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.22.18)
us some hope
10. These filthy behaving boys represent no one. They r disgrace
Eden   (06.23.18)
They need to be drug tested.
11. I hope that our sympathies and wishes of forgiveness will
Wden   (06.23.18)
Reach the family if Mr Hussein.

12. Their hatred for the other is so vile, so dangerous
Betty   (06.23.18)
They must be dealt with harshly!!
13. despicable human scumbag garbage
ironbutterfly   (06.23.18)
14. Yes, there are such human beings everywhere, but sod off
with your implied "rightist monstrosities"!
They're despicable beings, but you'll find them all over the globe.
15. Burn
Zoe   (06.23.18)
All this bunch of murderers, and burn them slowly so they have a taste of what they did to a entire family. I'll bring the matches.
16. They have no place in olam haba...
Jewfortruth ,   Israel   (06.23.18)
....they all and their monstrrous far right settlers supporters

Have assured their place in everlssting Hell. !!!
17. agreed
David   (06.23.18)
I completely agree-- these people are the lowest of the human species. I say this as a proud Israeli, and proud Likudnik.
18. #8 fake news u r a liar
19. Likud MKs yell at bereaved families
QC ,   Israel   (06.23.18)
These settlers are copying official government behvior.
20. They represent the collective-conscious of Jews everywhere
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.18)
Let us not deceive ourselves. They probably represent the meanasteream as our society keeps drifting to secular and religious fascism. Just consider comments on this forum!It is for this reason, I am considering leaving the country
21. we sired them, raised them &.taught them in our schools
Nahman Shai ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.18)
We got them inured to hatred and fanaticism and murder....and now we have discovered the're is a a monster amongst us! we are hypocrites! Shame on us
22. In the end: a very mild (unpleasant) reaction to years of
leftist witch hunt...no biggie
23. 1. Don't worry,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.23.18)
the same psychopath that posted this also posted 20 and 21.
24. Disgrace to Judaism.
anonymous   (06.24.18)
Those Jewish rioters, and I use the term lightly are a disgrace to Judaism, and to our Holy Torah.

This women, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and activist for Palestinian rights was pushed into exile. I celebrate her today, and all Jews with a conscience.


I celebrate the Jews of Breaking the Silence.

I celebrate the Jews of IfNotNow.

I celebrate the Jews of Jewish Voice for Peace.

I celebrate Miko Peled, author of the General's Son.

And I mourn for what the state of Israel is becoming.

End the occupation, it is harming the collective soul of the Jewish people, and stand up to settler violence, that diminishes us all.

25. Speaking cruel words is NOT the same as terrorism
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.24.18)
The words of these people were cruel. They deserve condemnation. But speaking cruel words is NOT the same as terrorism. Words alone do not make a person a "monster".

Ironically, the same leftists who condemn these people as "monsters" are constantly propping up real monsters such as Abbas. Abbas engineered the incredibly sadistic murders of the Munich Massacre and many others. Yet, these leftists call him a peace partner. Spare us from hoax leftist outrage.
26. A lesson in schoolyard politics
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (06.25.18)
You said really bad things!
Yes, but the others did really bad things so we are really quite good.
Yes, but you said horribly antisemitic things!
Yes, but the others did worse antisemitic things so it's not fair if you criticise us for our antisemitic words..
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