Report: US urges Arab states to fund Gaza infrastructure projects
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Published: 23.06.18, 14:39
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1. good to help Gaza,but not at the expense of Palistini rights
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.23.18)
2. I'm not moved by pictures of the Gaza poor, while.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.23.18)
while Hamas soldiers, in brand new uniforms, carrying brand new automatic weapons, are paying millions of dollars to dig attack tunnels into Israel.

The poor of Gaza need only confront Hamas to know the source of all their misery.

The Arab states will never throw their money away in Gaza. They know it is a lost cause until Hamas is removed. The EU is probably stupid enough to continue supporting Hamas, but nobody else is.

It's not the USA's place to build infrastructure for a terrorist enclave, infrastructure that will be destroyed in the next flare-up.

When Hamas, in full public view, destroys all their tunnels and all their rockets, and turns in all their automatic weapons, then the world will know they have finally made the right decision. Until then, go show your pictures of the poor people of Gaza to Hamas.
3. Pals would prefer famine rather than giving up our weapons.
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.23.18)
We are not like other Arabs
4. And that's why your 'Palestine' is a failure.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.24.18)
Per capital income of surrounding Arab countries:

Lebanon - $11,000
Jordan - $5,700
Libya - $4,900
Algeria - $4,300
Iraq - $5,100
Tunisia - $3,500

Palestine - $2,800! Oh my! What a powerhouse economy! The world gives you crybabies billions every single year yet you accomplish nothing with it!

"Pals would prefer famine rather than give up our weapons."

Well, considering that the USA trained and equipped the PA 'police force,' you could make the argument that nobody has made you give up your weapons. The only problem is that you idiots use your weapons when there is no need.

For 70 years, you have used your weapons instead of talking. A dozen wars around the world have come and gone and those countries are once again productive. Only the Palestinians haven't been able to make any progress. Why is that? Maybe because the leaders you have elected are pathetic petty criminals who are only involved to skim whatever they can for themselves? How does Arafat leave his wife hundreds of millions of dollars? How stupid can the Palestinians be?

One can only guess how much Abbas and his cronies have stolen for themselves. But you Palestinians don't seem to care. You've been weaned on jihadi Jew-hatred since birth. In your schools, in your mosques, with your children's TV programming! NO other people on earth spend so much effort brainwashing their kids to hate others. Why?

That's why there is no peace. That's why 'Palestine' will always be a failure. That's why a reasonable-sounding guy like yourself spouts such a stupid motto, "We prefer starvation to giving up our guns!"

Well then, I guess you should expect to starve, in every way. The only thing that would change if the Arabs would simply put away their guns and knives is that there would be peace in Israel and a viable Palestine would emerge.

But that's not the Arab plan. Just as Arafat said, "It might take fifty years to eradicate Israel." And the morons of 'Palestine' still believe it.

Let me tell you something: Israel is like a school of fish. Millions of fish swimming in the same direction. The 'Palestinians' are like the predators that come to feed on the fish. They may take a few here and there, but the school survives and continues to grow.

Israel has grown from the moment Jews put their feet on the ground. The Arabs have not. That's the question you must ask yourself.

Nobody gave anything to Israel. It made itself into what it is today. You can say exactly the same thing about 'Palestine:' it made itself into what it is today. The difference? THE LEADERSHIP.

Israel's leadership has looked out for Israelis.
Palestinian leadership has looked out only for only itself.

You can whine about weapons, if you want. But in the final analysis, Arab leadership has been tested many many times and has ALWAYS been found wanting.

You can prefer famine, if you wish, but most intelligent people would not, and that's the sad truth of the Arabs of Palestine.
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