IAF fires warning shots at Gazans launching incediary kites
Ynet reporters
Published: 23.06.18, 15:30
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1. Warning shots ???????
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.23.18)
We have lost our sanity, it has gone down the tube. Bibi has been eating far too much ice cream and as it passes down his throat it freezes the blood flow to his brain. He should try some VSOP cognac instead, that would warm the blood flow and restore his judgement.
2. Question
Jason, Ph.D.   (06.23.18)
Would it help if Israel pushed the border a few miles into the Strip?
3. shoot to eliminate, warning no longer enough
4. Major moral failing by Israel. Enough with the "warnings".
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.23.18)
5. Idea for fighting kite fire weapons ???
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.23.18)
Wonder if there is a giant fan (ventilator) that can blow the kite and its incendiary fire device back into Gaza. Let them know what it feels like
to fight fire.

Any geniuses out in the world have any ideas ?
6. Why just warning shots? What the heck are we waiting for?
Tsvika ,   Ashkelon   (06.23.18)
7. Thank Heavens no one was hurt. LOL!
Jonas ,   Malmö   (06.23.18)
8. By the way, the more fires burn Israeli fields, the less -
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.24.18)
work needed from Gazans in Israel.
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