WATCH: Incendiary balloons flown out of Hamas positions
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 24.06.18, 19:42
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1. well, they torture defenceless horses, don't they
C   (06.24.18)
it is well known that serial killers start by torturing animals.
2. Psy-war is an option against fire kites !
Moseh Israel   (06.25.18)
Psy-war is an option against fire kites !
entertainment TV, Internet broadcasts to Gaza can be jammed or interrupted.
3. poor bad useless video that shows nothing.
ironbutterfly   (06.25.18)
4. Does Hamas need more warning shots?
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.25.18)
Hamas playing Israel for suckers. It's not impressed by the Israeli response.
5. gen galant says israel shojld keep playing firefighter
james   (06.25.18)
since galant says israel cannot target kite throwers, then it is ok to keep playing you know why idf should not be making crucial war decisions, just carry them out unless they deem it beyond the pale. the idf is playing to the international criminal court, not to israeis interests.
6. job of gov protect ppl job of army protect border = failure
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