IDF ombudsman presents gloomy report of military shortfalls
Yoav Zitun and Yaron Drukman
Published: 25.06.18, 18:18
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1. He's handing over to enemy our strategic weaknesses.
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.25.18)
Someone has to shut him up !
2. eisencott-wake up and toughen up hte troops
joe   (06.25.18)
idf soldiers cannot afford to be half asleep. kick them in the ass and get going.
3. Military leaders cowards when it comes tprotecting civilians
4. .יהיה בסדר Right?
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.26.18)
5. the IDF is a tool and extension of the gov't. Period.
DAVID ZEEMAN ,   Brookhaven   (06.26.18)
Lame IDF comes directly from lame gov't direction and support.

No accomodation to IDF, not effective have a dumb tool and a less effective extension.

So where is the "commander in chief" (The PM) when there is a major question of RELIABILITIES raised by a (retiring, maybe getting even?) general..
6. our haredi brothers and sisters
will protect us ,
7. This report is FULL of positive.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.26.18)
recommendations that IDF command needs to ŕestructure it's military procedures and rules of approaching military conflicts and operations. Using smartphones is absolutely prohibited in military operations or to photograph places or for memory must be restricted unless it is a civilised occasion without any military links.
The outcome of this revealing report must require changes to IDF command to take disciplinary action against the usage of smart phones that portrays any military operations or places that the IDF views as a priorty secret.
8. The 4 months military service is...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.26.18)
too short a time for any defense or security importance to be instilled to the part time recruits. Support of the 3 year term, with a 2 week vacation every year back to home èvery year on a rotational basis, based on quota going on vacation to enàble IDF to train and effectively maintain security standards effeciently must be a top priority.
9. A glimpse into the future
Iron Duke   (07.14.18)
Let's not forget that the so-called IDF's only advantage is in eavesdropping and in raw firepower. But in terms of actual combat grit, it has proven itself a paper tiger. After all, to take one example, it is an incontrovertible historical fact that the so-called IDF has not won even a single, solitary infantry engagement against any of its opponents since the Second Battle of Jebel al-Sheikh in October 1973 (the Israelis presume to call this the Second Battler of Mount Hermon). In every single case where the engagement was decided in favor of the Israeli forces, it was only because of the intervention of armor, artillery, or air support. But even supposedly "elite" Israeli troops such as its naval commandos or paratroops have been trounced time and again by Lebanese and Palestinian light infantry. The reason is simple: Israeli infantry of recent decades, once they enter battle, almost always lose their nerve and forget their fire-and-movement drills and just hunker down until aerial/artillery/armor support comes to their rescue. If you are a defender who wants to totally immobilize an attacking Israeli squad, causing it to refuse to advance and make it immediately scrub its mission, simply pick of 3 or maybe even just 2 of its members. The Lebanese and Palestinians on the other hand, have proven themselves time and again to have the steady nerves and sheer grit to press on with their missions or hold onto their defensive positions until every last member of their squads is either killed or incapacitated due to wounds. So even if you take down 6 Lebanese or Palestinians out of a squad of 10, the other 4 will still calmly continue to pick their targets and fire-and-move to and from their objectives. But an Israeli squad of 10 with 2 or 3 casualties is essentially a neutralized force that refuses to advance and begs for extraction or covering fire that allows it to withdraw. So go ahead and tinker with your lasers and drones and missiles, but know that the IDF simply doesn't have the nerve nor the backbone for any sort of sustained engagement against even a moderately well-equipped foe and that the days are long gone were Israeli forces transfer the operational theater of war onto the territory of their opponents. The next big war will be an implosion for the Israeli regime, not an expansion. And if not the very next one, then maybe the one after that, but really, not much longer. The only hope for the Zionists not to get the Nuremberg Trials treatment is for them to make a genuine peace with the Palestinians---including the full Right of Return of all Palestinian refugees to the areas of Palestine from which their families were expelled, in exchange for amnesty for crimes related to Zionist colonialism and permission for the Zionist colonists currently residing within the borders of Mandate Palestine to keep rights of residence and equal citizenship. I have a feeling that too many Zionists are arrogant enough that they will only be chastened if they experience one or two serious military defeats. On the other hand, I am surprised by the number of Israelis that I've met or spoken to who are sick of radical Zionist ideology and would gladly welcome back the exiled Palestinian refugees as their neighbors and co-citizens just so the madness of these colonialist ethno-supremacist wars can finally stop.
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