Erekat: Kushner offered money to Arab governments instead UNRWA
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Published: 25.06.18, 23:42
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1. aha
David   (06.26.18)
If he is refusing compensation for "refugees" that left Israel in the War of Independence, i.e. the war of attempted annihilation of Israel, then it would appear he is not ready for any kind of peace. Rather than presenting him with offers, then, we should behave in accord with the state of war that it appears he seems to prefer-- a war that is one-sided at this point. Let's see what he thinks when it is reciprocal.
2. All that's needed is "brothers" to start killing each other.
3. The Refugees=crux of the matter, they must return home,
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.26.18)
4. Try harder profits
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (06.26.18)
perhaps god is sleeping.
5. FB Twahir Abasi:"And the palestinians are going no where"...
A ,   OutThere   (06.26.18)
That's been obvious for years, the nobody "palestinians" already are nowhere and that's where they are staying.
6. why would anyone give $$$ to their enemies?
david ,   new york   (06.26.18)
prior American administrations had the mistaken (dumb) idea that by giving money to UNRWA and the Palestinians somehow that would make them less belligerent.
in reality (as erekat above said) UNRWA'ssole purpose is to keep the myth of the 4th generation refugee alive, to use people as cannon fodder in the war against Israel and the west.
thank you president trump for calling out the B.S. of giving money to people who hate us!
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