Government delays Aliyah of Ethiopian Jews
Inbar Tvizer
Published: 28.06.18, 18:04
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1. Amazing!
Brad ,   USA   (06.28.18)
It's amazing how Africans from Muslim countries, all of a sudden become Jews when they think it will get them free stuff. Middle eastern Muslims pull that horsecrap also. They hate everybody but want everybody to support them. The media instantly agrees with them without vetting their claims. Surprise surprise.
2. If they are Jews or not it does not matter. They will...
The true is...   (06.28.18)
end cleaning homes, working at construction anyway, etc. The worst jobs wait for them.
3. Bring our Jewish Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters HOME!
Froike ,   NYC USA   (06.28.18)
If the Lefties support a criminal element of Illegal Immigrants from Sudan..and other Shiiteholes. Certainly The Moral Majority should make haste to have our Ethiopian Jewish Bretheren make Aliyah and ASAP.
4. A question that demands an answer
Disillusioned   (06.28.18)
Notwithstanding the previous aliyot from Ethiopia, and indeed, the advancement and contribution of many of them to the country's defense and economy, there seems to be something just a little out of kilter with the numbers claiming to be Jewish.

Each time - for some years now - they say they're bringing "the last remaining Jews from Ethiopia". And yet, a few years later, there's another claim for another few thousand. Now it's "several thousand".

I think it's time we got some honest debate here. Are we all fearing to question this because of the "racism" accusation that will follow any form of query as to why there seems to be a never-ending supply of Jews from Ethiopia despite the fact that the numbers were, from the outset, said to be very small?

5. They are not Jews
Phoenix   (06.28.18)
The first one were not Jews neither
They lack all basic knowledge and beliefs of Judaism and they are not related to us what so ever! They are Africans
6. DNA test, White "Jews" have no DNA from Levant
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.28.18)
7. Theres only once race the human race
Anonymous ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.18)
End the oppression open borders for Israel we all bleed red they are doctors and engineers Ethiopian cuisine is delicious we need workers to grow the economy who else will pay the pensions its our moral duty build bridges not walls their vibrant culture enriches our society
8. These people are gentiles
Michael Cohen ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.18)
We have to stop this non-sense. These Africans have no spiritual or genetic connection to us. This is also true for many Russians who come here.
9. But leave doors open to social dumping
Avi L.   (06.29.18)
But leave doors open to social dumping of foreign workers in agriculture, construction, catering, nursing etc.

It seems that priorities got switched from having Jewish immigration to having cheap business workforce

Ethiopian will stay in Israel, serve in the Army, spend their earnings and pay taxes in Israel.

Foreign workers not ... but it is better for "business"
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