The British interest behind Prince William's Israel visit
Nadav Eyal
Published: 26.06.18, 23:59
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1. Honesty is best for England
Tova   (06.27.18)
England is looking for allies because is broke away from the EU? How is Prince William going to change that?

How about standing with Israel. Declare Jerusalem as Capital. That is where it begins. You can't expect a Royal Visit somehow makes it OK.

Friendship is when 2 people/nations come together. England must declare Jerusalem as Capital first - that would show before GOD and the world
your commitment is true.
2. So now the perfidious Albion shall love& cherish us?
3. A Nice Breakfast
Gavriel Rechov ,   Savannah, GA - USA   (06.27.18)
This morning, in a cafe, a friend asked me about the meaning of the coming of the Prince William from the West.

- Unfortunately, after Julius Caesar's death, leap years were inserted every three, rather than every four years. This mistake was rectified under the reign of Augustus. Jesus was probably born during this period of correction - I answered.
- What are you talking about? - he replied me.
- The destruction of the two Jewish Temples is always mourned the 9th day of the 11th month of the civil year - I said him.
- I do not understand you, Gavriel - my friend confessed me.
- In that I am worse than you - I concluded.

After that I paid the croissants and the coffees, we said goodbye and went out in opposite directions.
How about the British being nice to Israel for once in their lives? instead of being bitchy and critical and hostile ...
5. I don't understand some of author's opinion
staudinger ,   shenzhen   (06.27.18)
In such a situation, Britain needs to bolster its relationships with faraway countries. Specifically in East Asia.
why Britain abandon Europe land and America, but trying to build strategic relation with East Asia Countries?
6. now UK can stop funding Pal terrorism and hate education?
7. millions of Jews died in Holocaust since Uk closed Palestine
Rafi ,   US   (06.29.18)
9. Chol
Jacob C. ,   Ramle, Israel   (06.29.18)
In my oppinion, your comment is straightforward and clear. You belong to an odd specie of birds that knows how to flight with only one wing.
10. The British interest behind Prince William's Israel visit
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (06.29.18)
This so called "soft power" portrayed by my country is to put it mildly very expensive to maintain the parasitic monarchy which is added to with the likes of a rather inconsequential ex mediocre actress, exponentially with the consequent absurd cost to the tax payer.
I would rather send Jacob Rees-Mogg a staunch Brexiteer at no cost to the exchequer and a true representative of British values.
11. Last photo shows William selecting a takeout from Wongs
Alan ,   SA   (07.02.18)
Restaurant..... Sarah is looking on approvingly as Ambassador recommends to order Chicken Chop Suey. Sarah says Wongs Restaurant food is far tastier than what her cook can prepare..Bibi is looking at bottom of menu for cigars after desert
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