Rockets fired from Gaza after IDF bombs Hamas commander’s car
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun, Matan Tzuri
Published: 27.06.18, 07:57
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1. A fireworks show by the "palestinians" in honor of
A ,   OutThere   (06.27.18)
Prince William.
2. Gov/Army betrayal of their ppl - their job is to protect us
3. Palestine has a right to defend itself
Iron Duke   (07.14.18)
The state of war that was started by the invasion of Palestine by foreign Zionist colonists, their unlawful secession and their non-stop subsequent acts of war against the Palestinian People are actions that justify commensurate response and full resistance by the Palestinians. This conflict will not end until the rights and property of the Palestinian people is restored in full, and until then, they have a right to respond and resist by all available means, including armed resistance in accordance with the accepted laws and conventions of war. The Palestinians may lack the means to resist, but certainly not the justification. The Israeli regime only respects and understands the language of force, and has never in its history disgorged any ill-gotten gains until it was made to pay the moral, psychological, and material cost of its intransigence. After all, look at Lebanon: for decades, the Israeli regime's military forces and secret services rode roughshod over Lebanon, attacking, bombarding, and kidnapping and assassinating wherever they chose. But after a sustained and extremely methodical and well-executed national liberation campaign by Lebanese resistance factions, Israel's occupying forces retreated in disorderly panic from nearly every inch of Lebanon's territory, and without any sort of agreement or political bargain being extracted from the Lebanese liberation forces. And even today, the outgunned and fragmented Lebanese are still the only one of the Arab front-line states that maintains an effective military deterrent capability that discourages overt Israeli armed attacks on Lebanese soil. I'm excluding here the continual Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace, and the recurring Israeli-sponsored acts of assassination and espionage against Lebanon since these are violations of sovereignty, but they are not on the same scale as the massive Israeli invasions and large commando raids of the bad old days. In the next phase of the Palestinian national liberation campaign, the restoration of Palestinian deterrence against Israeli regime transgressions is a must. You can call this the "Lebanon Lite" model.
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