Activist: El Al can be sued for $18,000 if women asked to move for men
The Media Line
Published: 27.06.18, 23:47
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1. How Do They Walk In The Streets?
Lorraine   (06.28.18)
I continue to wonder how the Ultra-Orthodox men walk in the streets--which are filled with women, and where they may bump into one accidentally at any time. Will they soon be demanding gender segregation on the streets>
2. Lorraine there r separate sidewalks...
yes it is true Beit Shemesh for example recently made the news on this point.
In Jerusalem in certain neighborhoods there are also separate sidewalks

their woman voluntarily use the separate sidewalks and voluntarily ride at the back of the bus.
3. We can help the hasidim (hazirom)
Jon   (08.01.18)
Boycott elal
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