Israeli hacker behind hoax bomb threats convicted in court
Gilad Morag
Published: 28.06.18, 11:29
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1. Is no one investigating his upbringing
WhoRhisParents? ,   Jerusalem   (06.28.18)
Early reports from neighbors said
The family we’re subscribers to
The extreme Left Wing newspaper
“Haaretz “ Couod he have been raised
In a Post Zionist/Judaic Home ? Certainly
His background has bearing.
2. This is a sad case of a deranged person.
Joseph ,   USA   (06.28.18)
He needs to be kept locked up for life as there is not ways help can be reintroduced into society. He is highly dangerous and all communications to the outside world need to be severed as who knows what he will do. Apparently he kept at it while in jail using the internet. So no internet, no cellphone, no pen and paper, nothing. Send him to Abarbanel hospital in Bat Yam and throw away the key.
3. #1 and what do right wing minors who burn people alive read?
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (06.28.18)
and what did right wing minors who burnt down countless churches including the church at Tabha read? Israel HaYom?
4. why did Netanyahu's government shield him?
why didn't Netanyahu's government extradite him to the USA?
why is Netanyahu's government protecting this American?
5. What did the right winger Elior Azaria read?
there is plenty! ,   Israel   (06.28.18)
You remember him? He's the French-Israeli who murdered a neutralized terrorist!
6. What did the right winger Baruch Goldstein read?
You remember him? He carried out the massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs!
7. & what did the right wing assassin Yigal Amir read?
you remember him? He assassinated Rabin!
8. & what do the right wing Hill Top youth read?
you remember them? they are the ones who destroy fields belonging to Palestinians in the West Bank!
9. #1 Let's indict u & the right: your background has bearing
there is plenty! ,   Israel   (06.28.18)
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