Opinion  Yossi Yehoshua
Israeli deterrence against Hamas has ended
Yossi Yehushua
Published: 28.06.18, 23:52
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1. Are Israelis ready for such a person?
DSM ,   USA   (06.29.18)
Israel needs a leader like Trump. A leader that puts Israel in front of all else. But this can only happen if there is such a leader in Israel and if the voters are ready for such a person to lead them out of the abyss that Bibi has created.
2. POTUS Trump is about to release
Booboo   (06.29.18)
His peace plan. Israel keeps a low profile vis a vis the Palis.
If and when they don’t accept it, all options on the table. Count on IDF & IAF. You sound like a scaremongering leftist.
3. Israel killed 100s & maimed 1000s, no Israeli got killed!
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.29.18)
4. Hamas Deterrence - Mad Dog Policy
Mark Sherry ,   USA   (06.29.18)
For over a decade, the IDF has been brutally and barbarically enforcing an Israeli version of the calm. Israel defines the 'calm' as Palestinians dying inside Gaza from IDF sniper bullets, and Palestinian crops destroyed.

Apparently, the other side does not share the same definition of 'calm.' So now the other side is responding to IDF brutalities and barbarisms.

You kill or wound, they retaliate with rockets and mortars. IDF tanks shelling residential neighborhoods drew a response with rockets You destroy their crops, they retaliate with kites and condoms.

Eventually, in war, each side's brutality and barbarity gets matched, just not in kind. Hamas is mirroring a policy that Israel instituted in 2006 against Lebanon and Gaza.
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (06.29.18)
Wait till after Prince William has left the area and the media is busy with something else.
6. The legend of Mr Security has to end, too
Disillusioned   (06.29.18)
It's what his ardent followers have failed to grasp for years. Not a lot has got better under his leadership. Certainly not our security. It is on his watch that Hamas has gained, not lost strength (it was Bibi the Great who was asking for cease fires), under his watch that Iran has been moving in to the neighbourhood, and under his watch that the residents of border towns are more insecure than ever.

For goodness sake, what will it take for his blind followers to realize that he's a bluff. At any rate, in the last 5 years, it's so evident that he's run out of fuel. It's time to look for a Leader with a capital L. Surely we deserve better than this hedonistic emperor and his batty wife.

7. There'll come a day Inshallah, when I'll "get" our govt.!
8. Logic?
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.18)
This article can be read the other way around too.
One side starts something the other retaliates.
There is no "deterrence".both sides are not interested in escalation.the solution is only a visionary,creative political one.
9. Mr Security, really?
Avi L.   (06.29.18)
Faced with mounting judicial problems at home and in office, egocentered Bibi doesn't want to risk losing "likes" (votes) and for political (what else) reasons he doing nothing to stop Hamas.

Israel is losing face and physical assets due to Bibi's "me first" world view.

BTW, it would be better for the duo Bibi Donald to "solve" the iranian problem before both get swiped away by justice.

Mr Security, really?
10. Deterrence definition please?????
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (06.29.18)
IDF became a social worker for Hamas , provide with means allowing to expand from stone thrower to military ability under their nose, and as IDF's political branch concerning International reactions allowed growing home made terrorism in form of Islamic radicalism as seems less sensitive to population from vicinity are with Gaza strained life, and this article nominate lack of deterrence ? What did you expect different reaction from GAZA?????
11. This is it...
yosef ,   florida-israel   (06.29.18)
...Yehoshua is right in his analysis: the sickly, tiny hamas "tail" is wagging
the big, powerful IDF "dog" (and always was.) All the bombastic statements from Bibi, Lieberman and co. cannot hide the cowardly indecisiveness of the top leadership - and these are only laughable to the bunch of two-legged rats
from Gaza !
12. Bull. Hamas is a piece of filth.
Brad ,   USA   (06.29.18)
And Israel can pull the chain at any time. The sooner the better.
13. Forget deterrence. Retake Gaza forever
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.29.18)
Deterrence is B.S. Israel needs to retake Gaza forever. Gaza belongs to us. Gaza thrived under us. There is no excuse whatsoever to gift Gaza to our mortal "Palestinian" foes. And Israel will be constantly punished with terror, war and rockets until we reverse such sick policies.
14. human being
Daniel ,   Philadelphia   (06.29.18)
Arab attacks on the LEGITIMATE state of Israel need to be answered with painful responses. If the arabs want to attack innocent civilians, then the gloves need to come off of Israeli hands. arabs are peace loving people ? No, THAT is the joke.
15. we need to only topple the hamassoles once
DAVZEE ,   Brookhaven   (06.30.18)
but be prepared to impose martial law,
and reverse the ABBASSIAN/HAMASSIAN Judenrein imposed by the filth...
once the arabs are given their RIGHT OF RETURN TO JORDAN AND EGYPT, their RIGHTFUL HOMELANDS,

it is the hands of Jordan, Egypt and sadly Yemen to accept the RIGHT OF RETURN as promised to them by arafat, abbass, and everyone else except the hamassoles, HEZ, and IRANt. Each with it's own KILL JEWS AND STEAL EVERYTHING THEY BUILT OVER 70 YEARS, agenda
16. protectiveedge
Steve Gure   (07.01.18)
Protective Edge produced nothing and after that everything is going south
17. wait till the firebombs reach Jerusalem they were close tday
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