Austrian Airlines moves women after Haredim refuse to sit next to them
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 29.06.18, 18:27
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1. Really, this is ynet' lead article??
David ,   New york   (06.29.18)
Nothing more important happened in the world today?
2. Anyone holding up the plane must be taken off it.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.29.18)
The black hats can either learn to co-exist with women or be barred from flying. Holding up hundreds of other passengers making them miss connecting flights which may not be easily rebooked, is not something any airline should allow to happen.

The financial headaches to the people who are missing connections and may need hotel rooms until the next flight is available should be charged to the airline. They allowed the delay to happen. They should have tossed the men off the plane and departed. The airline then should charge the men for whatever costs they incur. These men should be identified and never allowed to fly again, on any airline.
3. tolerance gone too far
stephen ,   beersheva   (06.29.18)
And they couldn't have removed the Haredim ?
4. Why must they be like that ?
DSM ,   USA   (06.29.18)
What they look like, how they are dressed and their rudeness is how millions of people around the world think of Jews. They are Jews worst enemy.
5. Ladies & gentlemen affected under EU law sue!
Your rights have been violated Austrian Airlines parent company is Lufthansa start by writing them a letter and get your money!
6. Jew thy nieghbor
7. Simple answer
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (06.29.18)
Scheduled flights are for the public. If Haredim - or any other group - want to be treated in a manner which causes discomfort or disadvantage to other passengers then they should charter their own flights.
8. They should have their own airline. Haredimair
DOV ,   USA   (06.29.18)
Everyone would be happy but watch out for the pilots. If they fly the way they drive their school buses oy vi voy.
9. Simple solution
Yakov ,   Afula   (06.29.18)
An airline ticket is a contract. Written into that should be a two line clause, the passenger agrees to sit in the seat allotted to them or the seat which they have chosen and paid for. Arguments can be conducted at the check in desk or with the airline representative at the airport, once on board the contract must be adhered to. Anyone breaking the contract goes back down the finger dock, like it or not. Any discomfort caused by an insubordinate passenger must be suffered by the perpetrator and not by other passengers.
10. Sitting nxt to women
S Z ,   NewYork, USA   (06.29.18)
I am a baal tshuva, and i will sit next to any woman. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZTZ'l ruled that on public transportation men are allowed to sit next to women, unless they think they are perverts who cannot control themselves.
11. This creates...
Yoss ,   Canada   (06.29.18)
Antisemitism.... I'm a jew myself and I'd be pissed off at them if they make me lose my connecting flight or if have an important appointment to go to.
Imagine when non-jews suffer this because of Haredim.
They're brewing the new antisemitism as if the old one wasn't enough.
12. EU Flight Compensation Regulations 261/2004
Enough is Enough! ,   Israel   (06.30.18)
that is the law you need to cite when you write your letter to Austrian Airlines and its parent company Lufthansa.
Additionally the ladies can file under EU anti-discrimination laws.
If we all get together on this the airlines will feel the economic "pinch" and they will not delay our flight due to the tantrums of ultra-orthodox insouciant churls!
13. Haridem
HR ,   Iowa   (06.30.18)
Kick them off the plane. They inconvenience everyone
14. Shame on the Ultra Orthodox
Tova   (06.30.18)
These are Jews that encourage anti-semitism to grow. They should be charged
for this incident.

They defy GOD, They defy Israel. They defy Torah. Such an evil cult.
15. They refuse, then let debark them
Avi L.   (06.30.18)
They refuse, then let debark them and fine them for delaying the flight
16. Take THEM of the plane!
tiki ,   belgium   (06.30.18)
We wouldn't accept it from Muslim or Christian fanatics, whites refusing to sit next to blacks or the other way round etc.etc.etc.etc.

This has to be stopped right now. They won't behave, let them stay at home!

17. Austrian Airlines moves women after Haredim refuse to sit ne
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (06.30.18)
What possess any airline national or otherwise to put with these Haredi m*msers.
18. so why is there anti-Semitism?
Rafi ,   US   (07.01.18)
these dudes are beyond a shanda
19. No win situation
eli   (07.01.18)
Taking passengers off a flight will also cause a long delay to retrieve their bags. It's a no win situation.
20. As a charedi Jew I am extremely embarrassed
mel   (07.01.18)
As a charedi (ultra orthodox) Jew I am extremely embarrassed by the actions of those men who refuse to sit next to woman on any public transportation. Mainstream Rabbis all agree that it is completely permissible, and the refusal of these men is their own added prohibition. Please don't judge all charedi men by the actions of these troublemakers
21. Not to nitpick. ..
Moshe   (07.01.18)
But for all you commentators out there discussing haredim, and their alleged "obsession with sex" it might be worth checking out statistics for how much average men and women think about it every day. In contrast, Haredim recognise that the real and only way to not be part of the sex obsessed culture prevalent in society is to maintain their stringent laws of separation. Rather than vilify them, you, and particularly the commentators confirming they are Orthodox, should be inspired by people that attempt to live a purer life in a decadent society. With regards to the Temple, segregation most certainly was in place, the Talmud clearly describes this. As to the current incident, all I can point out is that in fact, and as reported on other, fairer, news outlets, this group had SPECIFICALLY booked a group, block booking. They did not randomly enter the plane and expect to be given their own seats, they deliberately organised and negotiated this prior to making their booking. I am not stating an opinion one way or another as to whether their insistence was justified to the level it reached, but at the very least, do attempt to bear in mind the predicament that this group - who have no interest in harming anyone and simply wish to maintain the traditions and laws that have enabled them to survive millenia of ever-changing 'know-it-all' cultures and isms that invariably lead to moral corruption - found themselves in, through no fault of their own and despite their greatest endeavours to avoid.
22. Disgusting spineless airline!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.01.18)
But then again, the Austrian's are expert at segregating people - as they so expertly showed during the war as they sent Jews to the chambers. Wouldn't fly their rubbish airline or even step foot in their country.
23. Respect
David ,   Raanana   (07.01.18)
Their problem is that they don't work and sponge off others.
They want respect but have not learnt how to give respect!
24. practical
joe ,   london   (07.01.18)
why can't this be sorted on the ground at check-in desk? why can't the system allow passengers choose who they sit next to instead of hit and miss system when boarding plane? making them get off also holds up flights because unaccompanied baggage has to be removed before take-off
25. Orthodox Jews can't sit where a menstruating woman has sat
Orange ,   London   (07.03.18)
Orthodox Jews are also not allowed to sit anywhere that a menstruating woman has sat. I guess they just choose to overlook that one though, huh?
26. The Haredi don't know Torah very well
Tova   (02.17.19)
God created male and female. One is not above the other.

A man who does honour and respects women. Is not a man at all.

Then we wonder why there is anti-Semitism when these Haredi don't respect their own people.
27. Ms.
Laurie ,   Kiryat Yam   (08.22.19)
REMOVE the Haredi guys OFF the flight!!!!
28. Refusing to sit next to a woman only shows
that you are not sure about your faith. If you are faithful and know how to behave, some random female stranger cannot be an issue for you. Just remain polite and everything will be fine.
29. sue them...the precedent has already been set
Sue ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.16.19)

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