Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The Palestinian paradox: 70 years of perpetuating refugeeism
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 29.06.18, 23:44
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1. israel won and the Arabs lost
david ,   boston   (06.30.18)
israel continues to win because its people thrive and contribute so much tothe world. the arabs lost because they dont even care about their own people, keeping them down for decades. Jerusalem was liberated
I'd like to see the arabs take care of their own people they prefer to waste money and teach racism. they will never win
2. Writting off the UNRWA
Lee ,   LA   (06.30.18)
I think the US which has funded most of the UNRWA has cut back the payments to near zero. The EU and maybe Qatar put back some of the money. The article has it right. These is no longer the need for this agency, it does not in any way promote peace and only perpetuates the problem. It took the much maligned Donald Trump to see through this. Of course the Arabs will cry foul. Their history is to perpetuate misery, not only towards the Jews but towards each other. Nobody is going to miss the UNWRA. Nobody!
3. This is so tired& old and false:No Palestinians, no refugees
no true will to coexist with the surrounding , non-Muslim world.
The West must push Islam back, into the bone dry desert so it can(hopefully) die there, consumed by its own hate!
4. The refugees have on option: returning home. Period
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.30.18)
5. UNHCR ought to take over the servers of UNRWA
ShlomZion   (06.30.18)
Presently, some five million "refugees" are being served by UNRWA. I suggest that instead of UNRWA, the services are dispensed by the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). When this is done, I propose, the definition of who is a refugee will be that which is universally accepted and used by the UNHCR. Once this is done the number of "refugees" being serviced by UNRWA will diminish from five millions to no more than 20,000. Surely, the international community can handle this change, if the will is there.
6. foolishness is in the eye of the beholder
tiki ,   belgium   (06.30.18)
Israel is winning Gaza but "Palestinians are winning in the Global Media".

May it just continue!.

Despite all the nice words & compliments nobody, I repeat nobody wants to trade places with 'the winners in the Global Media'.

Talking about the Global Media......

They are the biggest losers of the last century having lost ALL credibility with their arrogant incompetent journalists/opinion makers, political agitators & influencers and their their fake & bias news stories and staged & photo shopped pictures.

The 'professional journalist' should take a good & hard look at himself for he is part of the suffering & bloodshed in many parts of the world because of his obsessive hunt for the next "Breaking News" story....making him/her a bundle of $$$..
7. some idiot says Jews won,Arabs lost! But war is not over yet
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (06.30.18)
8. Pretty funny
Rami ,   Helsinki   (06.30.18)
Shias in Iraq murder them and no one says a thing. Israel is just suppose to hand over land to Arabs who claim inherited refugee status. Iraqi Jews should just claim that they own all the hotels still standing in Iraq and demand Iranian puppet regime to return what was stolen in 1941 and 1948.
9. Israel's 19 Refugee Camps
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.30.18)
Israel applies its law to 19 UNRWA Refugee Camps in the West Bank. IDF troops raid them and arrest people in them nightly, claiming that the some of the people in them violated Israeli law. Israel complains bitterly that the UNRWA schools teach the wrong things. So let Israel take over, make all those people citizens, absorb them into Israel, provide the schooling and provide the food and jobs for the unemployed. Let Israel do all the things it complains the other countries don't do, especially extending the right to vote in the government that currently is a dictator over them.
10. Strange
Jarda   (06.30.18)
The problem are not refugees. The problem are those who expelled them from their homes.
11. End mad Israeli support which keeps "Palestinians" here
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.30.18)
Israel could solve the fake "Palestinian refugee" problem by ending the mad flow of Israeli support which keeps our mortal "Palestinian" foes on our land endlessly tormenting us.

Instead of insanely investing in pampering "Palestinians" with Israeli food, money, materials, electricity, work permits etc., invest in helping "Palestinians" leave our land forever. Polls consistently show most "Palestinians" WANT to leave!
12. Mind must have sense but
Hasaan   (06.30.18)
Sense has no mind
13. There haven't been Palestinian refugees for 65years now
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.01.18)
UNRWA was set up to be a PR weapon against Israel and Israel always played along because a fair chunk of UNRWA funding ends up the Israeli gov't coffers. Almost all the goods,services and wages paid for by UNRWA are being spent in Israel. Today that money is irrelevant to the Israeli economy. The gov't can quite happily kick UNRWA out and the "refugee" problem is solved.
14. Only fools give a tinkers dam about "global public opinion".
Brad ,   USA   (07.01.18)
Israel needs to, and will, survive. Israel is surrounded by bloodthirsty enemies. So, to hell with the stupid "global public opinion". The Muslims would just as soon slit the throats of those who issue "global public opinion" as look at them, anyway.
15. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (07.03.18)
it's a business that employs people that help professional refugees.
could be solved if Moslem states co operated instead of killing each other and destroying homes. B$ spent and much in secret bank accounts.
16. Peace is possible .........
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (07.04.18)
since Arab countries, mainly Arab Palestine, recognize and respect Israel. Sincerely.
17. the pals won't "win" until they admit they have LOST !
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon, Israel   (07.06.18)
You are correct.
I hope that the Israelis will show mercy when the
pals loose AGAIN ...for the 3rd time 1948, 1967, ...when?
18. Israel should agree to ROR for REAL refugees
zionist forever   (07.08.18)
Israel could say anybody born before May 1948 ( real refugee ) would be granted a ROR to come with their partner but without their now adult children. The world would have to accept Israel had fulfilled the terms of UNGA resolution 194 so the Pals would no longer have UN legal backing.
The number of real refugees is probably in the tens of thousands and they will be dying rather than breeding so within 10-20 years they will all be dead and so no threat to the Jewish majority as they would not have been having children.
19. True Israel should have offered to surrender or be destroyed
Mordechai   (07.08.18)
Giving into Hamas has failed 100% of the times it has been destroyed. Treat them as the Allies treated Germany and Japan in WW 2. Unconditional surrender or utter destruction.
20. Jews were refugees for 2000 years
Sam ,   ME   (07.11.18)
21. My 2 cents
Sam   (07.11.18)
1- Jews were refugees for 2000 years? why did not they move on and find a new home and stop thinking about going home? Is it okay for jews but not for other "HUMAN BEINGS" who yearn to have a home land.
2- Palestinians are not ethnically Arabs (They are a mixture or ethnicity) a simple DNA test can prove that. So the Go back to Arabia thing is BS . Why don't Moroccans go back to Arabia? They are Arabs.
3- The they lost the war argument is not a valid argument at least morally... it is the same as Might is Right... if Nazi Germany won the war does this mean the Holocaust is okay?
4- Palestinians acknowledged that they have lost and conceded when they accepted the existence of Israel on the 78% of historical Palestine (Which is much more than the UN Partition). And now negotiating on the 22% left??? so don't say they have not conceded or accepted that they have lost.
22. #21. Your two cents aren't worth even a penny.
solomon ,   NY   (10.31.18)
1. The "Palestinians" invented themselves in the 1960's (AD). There was no such thing before, and according to Zahier Muhsein, they will go back to being Syrians, Egyptians, etc once they kick the Jews out.
2. "Palestinians" are fake (see above). A simple DNA test will expose the country each "Palestinian" is really from.
3. They started the war and lost. It has nothing to do with Hitler. The only comparison you can make is that the arabs wanted to be like Hitler.
4. The "Palestinians" have NEVER accepted Israel's right to exist. The want to get back all Israeli land. Arab countries are slowly accepting the existence of Israel...but not the "Palestinians". They have NOT conceded or accepted that they have lost.
5. You are welcome to your dream world. The rest of us prefer reality.
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