Fatah warns Hamas of making deals with Israel on Gaza port
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Published: 30.06.18, 09:40
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1. Like I have said many times
Yשלםה ,   Aכוךש   (06.30.18)
They do not want peace, the Hamas and Fatah leaders are in business, the business is called terrorism and perpetuation of the victim status. They want to keep the situation as it is because that provides them with income(billions) from the foolish UN and EU as well as the wealthy Arab countries who donate.
It really is a much better deal than peace where they will have to work and build a functioning society for their people.
2. Fatah warns Hamas of making deals with Israel on Gaza port
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (06.30.18)
This is a dead duck even before the ink is dry.
Whose mental aberration could believe that any so called Pal/Hamas entities would agree or accept under the most erroneous demands by them that Israel would never accept.
3. katz,leiberman barking up the wrong tree
jerzy   (06.30.18)
a port in Cyprus will lead to more smuggling, that is guaranteed. idf is reluctant to decapitate hamas and sinwar. bibi shakes in his boots at the thought which is why he runs to putin and trump. the man is scared to the bone of conflict. until israsel overcomes its reluctance, it will not do well. and that only come when bibi is replaced by bennett if likud had half a brain.

most know bibi is a coward who cannnot make war decisions for the attack.
4. Gaza port is insane idea, like Disengagement, Oslo. Revolt!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.30.18)
Israel's leaders have come up with yet another insane idea to harm Israel and empower our mortal "Palestinian" foes. Building a port for Gaza "Palestinians" ranks with Disengagement and Oslo for absolute imbecility. Israelis SO need a patriotic revolution. We need to revolt against the sick pampering of our "Palestinian" foes, who do everything humanly possible to destroy us.
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