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Syrian rebels lose string of southwest towns
Published: 30.06.18, 17:29
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1. since sharon is gone, idf leadership toothless
ray   (06.30.18)
save for sharon, idf and political leadership are toothless. oh my god, nasrollah forces and syria with oh my god 80000 shiite conscripts are near the golan-oh my god. and they have 150000 rockets. as if idf is a weak army???

did you ever hear of going on the offense for one bloody time. you've got 1000s of mini-drones that can carry munitions; they can terrorize. load up on surface to surface rockets Russian style to increase the terror with the public
and the enemy troops, which will be necessary. plus all our other systems israel can employ make it a powerful army if properly directed.

prepare the home front. take out leadership of Hamas. then start the plan on nasrollah.

bibi should step down in favor of Bennett or feigllin. shteinitz, katz, erdan, elkin and saar don't have the stomach for all out war.

bibi would never give the order for anything unless everyone agrees include hashem. he will never sign the order to take out sinwar of gaza or anyone else.

Sara could give the order to do it. not bibi whose conduct makes him an embarassment to the idf in my opinion. he only does bandaids and even then he has to be pushed to do it. it is pointless to figure out why and or to hope for a change. the man is gutless like olmert, herzog, gabbay and peres.

as for lieberman, don't think speaking russian grants you favours with lavrov and putin. they have been lying to your face about iranian and hezbollah troops near the golan.
2. So much for Donald The Deal Maker
Avi L.   (06.30.18)
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