Government approves IDF draft bill ahead of Knesset vote
Published: 01.07.18, 15:15
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1. Proposed bill: ALL IDF vets* get free higher education!
Katanga ,   Israel   (07.01.18)
or if they don't want higher education they can get seed money to start a business or to buy a house.
How to fund it: take away every single last grant to the ultra-orthodox who don't serve in the IDF or national service.

N.B. *IDF vets for the purposes of this post means:
1. men serving 3 years in IDF
2. women serving 2 years in IDF and
3. men and women serving 2 years of national service.
2. Optimism...
Adler   (07.01.18)
Well, im not willing to bring into question the flexibility of the draft bill. However, with all due respect, i want to suggest an optional
amendment: mandatory draft conscription could end after Israel achieve peace with Palestinians through the Kushner-Trump secret peace plan. Maybe drafts just to fill some vacancies that could not be filled through voluntary means, in other words, volunteer military with excellent salaries & benefits for anyone interested to be enrolled. - Could a reduction of the world military spending knock off poverty? Think about it.. blessings & shalom
thank you ynet.
3. golan is israeli-end of story
meni   (07.01.18)
Israel does not need international recognition of its Golan. it is part of the state-end of story.

by asking USA as yaalon, and no nothing lapid have done, you are undermining Israeli hold of it. no one can take it from Israel unless that country wants to destroy itself. bibi did the same thing previously as he has no inner confidence-none in his own hold of the Golan.

as for Hezbollah with its huge arsenal, it is time that Israel planned the total obliteration of nasrollah's forces by a massive invasion preceded by asymmetric assault in every respect.

that Israelis cannot see Bennett is way ahead of bibi in security reflects poorly on Israel. it has preferred a weak man gifted in giving speeches who cowers when having to make bold decision. the Gaza war proved he is no leader.

as for iranian adventurism near the golan, israel should be acting against the iranian homeland through subversion so they can taste some of their own medicine/

until israel gets bennett or feiglin, it will do with band-aids. bibi, galant, and the idf leadership simply do not want to preempt/

preempt you imbeciles

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