PA: Law to deduct terrorists' salaries from tax money 'a declaration of war'
Elior Levy
Published: 03.07.18, 15:10
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1. the phrase "stuff it" comes to mind
david ,   new york   (07.03.18)
2. Pal's = dishonest and
unable to stop hating ISRAEL
Robert ,   Israel   (07.03.18)
Palestinian terrorists act; Israel reacts. So simple. Palestinian leader, accomplice. More clear, pour some water on it.
4. Pointless exercise
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.03.18)
While internal Palestinian clamour for an end to 'blood money' has been growing over the past few months, it is poor timing for Israel to enter into the fray of this debate and withhold taxes that will hurt the very Palestinians who desperately want to see the end to blood money!

In this tragic conflict we see time and time again Israel-PA bumbling, ill thought, mis judged actions and this is one of them
5. Yeah. A war on that double chin.
American American ,   Philadelphia   (07.03.18)
6. Praise a small step in the right direction
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.03.18)
Every small improvement deserves praise. But there is much to do. There is no sane reason for Israel to support the terrorist P.A., or our mortal "Palestinian" foes, in any way whatsoever. Israel should only support permanent "Palestinian" departure from our land. No other state, in all of human history, has voluntarily supported its enemies.
7. PA could spend money for their armed force &police
naro ,   nyc   (07.03.18)
PA could spend money for their armed force &police instead of illegally and immorally subsidizing cold blooded freelance murderers who kill only civilians.
8. No children killed - ever - IF:
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.03.18)
1. Palis didn't hide behind women + children to protect themselves
2. Pals didn't send kids to border to sacrifice themselves for "better' good
3. Pals would accept peace with neighbors + try to make a modern, better
land to live in (with neighbor's and world's help) instead of hate and killing.
9. being screwed
caleb afendopoulo   (07.03.18)
the dude said it right 'the Pals are being screwed"
10. The Great Business of Sacrificing Jews
Gavriel Rechov ,   Savannah, GA - USA   (07.03.18)
It is incredible that a law as elementary as this has taken no less than 17 years to pass, and that has gone ahead against the will of the PM, which would have wanted to apply according to their personal criteria. This law should have been promulgated a few months after the start of the second intifada, around January 2002. Because of this delay, more than 1,600 children, women and elderly Jews have died at the hands of a legion of greedy hired executioners.

The PA errs by calling this law a "cruel declaration of war." First of all because it is soft to the point of disdain, because it will be applied without retroactive effects. It would have been fair to demand the return of the "terror wages" that Israel has paid during the past 17 years to compensate the Jewish martyrs.

They are also wrong to think that Arab terrorists and their families will no longer perceive their "deserved rewards." They can be very calm. Their blood partners, Europeans, Arabs, Asians and Americans, the 130 criminal nations that make up the anti-Semitic alliance that in the UN General Assemblies always vote in favor of the destruction of Israel, will sooner prefer to starve than deprive themselves of the ineffable pleasure that comes from knowing that a Palestinian assassin has sacrificed several Jews, satisfaction that becomes ecstasy when the deceased is a rabbi, settler or soldier.

The business of sacrificing Jews has been the best business of the nations, since Varus, his inventor, until today.
11. So war it is.
Jason ,   Charlotte   (07.03.18)
The Pals have been waging war with the goal of genocide against the Jews since1 1912. Pals, be careful what you wish for. If you go to war against Israel, it is a war you will lose badly. I think the Pals insult Allah by thinking he is on their side.
12. Red Line?-stopping pay for slay $$$?.Do me a favour!
Alan ,   SA   (07.03.18)
Make them also pay for the dunams of arson destruction as well.
13. Make it retroactive to 2002. Claw back every shekel.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.03.18)
Abbas shows to the entire world what a warped psychopath he is. "I demand money to pay terrorists!"

This law should have been operating for the last few decades. Israel was too chicken-sh-t to do it as it wouldn't be received as a 'goodwill gesture' by the Arabs.

Make the law retroactive and claw back those billions of dollars paid to the terrorists and their families. The civilized world is amazed this was allowed to continue for so many years.

Abbas's statement proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he has no intention of peace, only war. Bring your war on, Abbas. Israel will settle the score once and for all.
14. Are his red lines written in the same ink as his mate Obama?
15. Is Abbas's red line drawn in the same red ink that Obama's
lines were drawn? If so we can just move them.
16. idiocy
mike ,   seattle   (07.03.18)
So let me get this straight. If you don't pay us when we kill you, we will try to kill you. OK. Got it.
17. declaration Of war
Joe   (07.03.18)
Next Abbas will want UN resolution on this and UN will side with Abbas
18. Arrest Abbas for murder. Let him worry about that instead
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.03.18)
Israel should arrest Abbas for mass murder for the incredibly sadistic Munich Massacres and many others. Give him something else to worry about, besides paying other "Palestinian" murderers.
19. This should be on Onion news site like most news this age
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (07.04.18)
Has he not heard of war on terror and terrorists.Has he just woken up from his slumber or was he too busy stashing away donations from the world to PALESTINIANS.Abbas its better to keep your mouth shut and keep lining your pockets.
21. Mr.
Roland ,   london England   (07.04.18)
Give Abbas the great honour of being the "First POW.".This is meant in truth as he has incited many to kill and Maime .Why he has not been booked as a war criminal by the " Haigh Court "beats me.
22. Ronald Reagan's Wisdom on "Pay for Slay" Subsidies.
Mike 71 ,   Los Angeles   (07.05.18)
"If you want to speed up terrorism, subsidize it; if you want to slow it down, tax it." Abbas wants to accelerate terrorism, so he subsidizes it by funding terrorists to act, or in the event that they are killed, by rewarding their families. President Trump and the Knesset want to reduce terrorism, so they deduct from taxes collected on behalf of the Palestinians, and financial aid provided by the U.S., that amount of funds diverted diverted from each source to subsidize terrorism.

Speaking of "declaring war," didn't the Palestinians initially declare war against Israel by financing terrorist acts? Israel is not "declaring war," so much as responding to Abbas' "declaration of war" from the day he was selected to succeed late terrorist Yasser Arafat!
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