Erdan confirms trying to kick-start prisoner swap talks with Hamas
Attila Somfalvi and Alexandra Lukash
Published: 05.07.18, 13:33
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1. Why stop there..step by step
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.05.18)
The way to move forward in Gaza

Negotiate PERMANENT cease fire followed by mutual recognition

Enable better connectivity policed by Palestinians and Israel between West Bank and Gaza to facilitate internal trade and social cohesion

Establish joint PA-Hamas APOLITICAL working party to start rebuilding program of infrastructure and homes

2. Typical Political Opportunism
Shepard Fargotstein   (07.05.18)
Need I say more?
3. Hamas needs new graduates from IL jail terror university
Alan ,   SA   (07.05.18)
So swap them 1000 or 2000 new graduates for the 2 bodies.I bet my house on the bet that those swapped will kill MANY Israeli Jews walking around sublimely today ... How many did the Shalit swappees kill???
4. How effin' "HARD" is it to "talk" to a bunch of Arab losers
that depend on Israel for their daily glass of water ?!
5. Excercise in Futility
Jossef ,   Nahariya   (07.05.18)
All these efforts to "negotiate" with Hamas a prisoner swap is an exercise in futility; Hamas enjoys seeing Israel "being tortured" by Hamas holding Israeli prisoners and even dead soldiers. The more Israel runs after Hamas to negotiate a prisoner swap, the more confident and demanding Hamas gets. The only thing that will get Hamas to want to return the Israelis, is pain to Hamas leaders, not to Gaza citizens. Israel should start assassinate top Hamas leaders or kidnap them to prison until no Hamas official is safe.
6. should never stop fighting until our ppl r returned -appease
7. .
. ,   .   (07.08.18)
trading prisoners is only encouraging them to kiddnap more isrealis
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