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The 'nuts and bolts' of Iran's economic troubles
The Media Line
Published: 07.07.18, 22:04
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1. economic dynamics will undermine & topple over the clerics
Cameron   (07.08.18)
Their true Achilles Heel.

The leverage that will finally break that fanatical regime like an old dry stick.
2. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (07.08.18)
Iran cruel gangster elite hungry for power meddles in ME at high cost instead of making Iran a better country. oil resources income wasted that could benefit many. pity.
3. And people thought...
That Obama’s deal was good, and Trump’s wasn’t?
Trump is crazy as a fox. Ya mon!
4. Cash talks Mullah's walk.
BBB   (08.13.18)
The Mullahs should have taken a course in
how not to starve your people when you were loaded with cash.
And, Obama thought he made a good deal?
5. they really don't care
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.14.18)
Just like in Gaza there is rabid unemployment and the government does not care; so similarly in Iran the government does not care.

In the democratically elected western world, politicians worry about re-election so the unemployment is a concern; but in the Arab world, there is really no concern for the little person. He can starve or eat sh!t and the authorities do not care.

Don't confuse our values with their values.....
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