Expert warns major earthquake expected soon
Itay Blumenthal, Ahiya Raved, Inbar Tvizer
Published: 06.07.18, 12:11
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1. Legend colour doesn't match the map
Michael ,   Speicher   (07.06.18)
The legend on the map shows red as the high risk zone but the high risk zone on the map is pink. What's the point of having a legend?
2. The horrific reality
Disillusioned   (07.06.18)
1) The man is whistling to the wind. The government has invested almost nothing in upgrading infrastructures. The home front's instructs tell people that they should head for their fortified defense rooms. But a good half of the country has no fortified defense room.
2) They say that failing that, head for the stairwells. Half of the older structures (of which there are hundreds of thousands countrywide) were built of mainly sand and will simply crumble. In poorer areas, they are already falling apart.
3) If nearly 300 talkbacks on the Israeli section are anything to go by almost none will be able to cope, considering that they were all practically piddling in their pants and calling for mommy with this last one. It was a pathetic thing to see: Israelis have become soft in the Mr Security era.
And barely a single one was aware of what to do, the main one being heading for open space outside a structure that can collapse. Only one of the talkbackers reported doing this, but even in big building drills - i've been in two - all they do is put you right outside the building - well within structure falling distance. It honestly is a hopeless case of the blind leading the blind.
4) , I was also present in a major hospital throughout a big earthquake exercise by Home Front soldiers. Most of the time involved large groups of them sitting around on empty ward beds doing absolutely nothing. Prepared? I do not think so.

And, finally, the idea expressed here that we need to get moving on strengthening structures is - if a major earthquake is, as he says, a matter of when rather than if, it's already too late for at least a third of the country still living in unsound old buildings that are going to collapse like packs of cards if it's anything above a 5.

That, folks, is the unfortunate and unpalatable truth.

3. "A real major quake by California standards might be ..."
A ,   OutThere   (07.06.18)
Who cares? An irrelevant comment by an equally irrelevant nobody.
4. I'd suggest this "expert" would rather engage in predicting
Left's return to power in foreseeable future.
THAT might happen too, you know. :-)
Of course we will be hit with a Big One, no need for experts.
On the other hand: IF he can tell me what day of the week & hour.....
5. Two things: all bad/sub standard structures will fall, two:
many of the poor that inhabit those will die and as result our population will be left "stronger" in terms of finances.
That seems to be the hidden "plan" of our government(s)?!
6. Contradictory reports in Ynetnews
rom ,   israel   (07.07.18)
Earlier we read that seismologist Dr. Ran Nof contended that there is no cause for alarm.

I am more inclined to go along with what retired Col. Gili Shenhar says in this article.
7. the big one is coming
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.07.18)
but in israel we do not listen or prepare for those kind of disasters in advance.
We will act and prepare only after disaster has struck . Thats our history
and experience. From historical disasters (which we choose to ignore until
it was too late ) to technical disasters (maccabia bridge,pal-kal and most
probably soon a nuclear disstar at dimona due to old structures) to natural
disasters ( like fires etc.) An big earthquake will hit us unprepared . it will
cost many lives and we will mourn and only then will we take action to build
earthquake resistant structures.
8. It's all Iran's fault.
bill ,   New York   (07.07.18)
9. Lol
LG ,   Tel Aviv   (07.08.18)
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