Report: Israeli firm Black Cube meddled in Hungary's elections
Published: 07.07.18, 15:20
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1. Helping antisemite to be elected
Jon   (07.07.18)
Wonderful value we installed in our army member. Israel or la goim
2. Does Soros need a “smear campaign” to be showed for what he
really is, namely a Jewish antisemite?!
3. misleading
C   (07.07.18)
soros is not hungarian; he is american.
it is soros who tried to meddle in hungarian elections.
soros has been meddling in the affairs of foreign nations for a very
long time.
the anti-israel j-street organisation is funded by soros.
soros gave a lot of money to think tanks that advocated for
the fake iran deal.
soros has immense wealth which he uses to try to impopse
his personal political views world wide, and in secret.
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