Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Assad's huge victory and what it means for Israel
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 08.07.18, 23:52
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1. The next phase of the Syrian genocide
Empress Trudy   (07.09.18)
Will be jaw dropping
2. best interests
Ralph   (07.09.18)
Russia will do whatever is in their best interests. You can count on this. Strength is the only possible way, to maintain quiet borders. This is more modern weapons, readiness, and realistic training. The grass will always require trimming - tactical strikes to keep them from building up their forces.
3. overananalyzing and fearmongering
henry   (07.09.18)
Israel can beat the hell out of Syria and Iran if it has to and if it has the will.

under netanyahu, it has no will because bibi is the soldier with a fearful heart which he has never been able to overcome. Bennett or feiglin can lead Israel to victory just does reluctant band aids. he runs to Putin or trump to get them to do his bidding. he needed a boot up the rear end from his father which he never got. stand and fight to the last man if necessary. he never got it.
4. Israel will have to give something to Russians, ...
because Russians never give anything for free, like the Americans do.
5. US planned to destroy Syria & establish ISIS land
ironbutterfly   (07.09.18)
A little reminder to those who doesn't know.
ISIS was setup as by CIA as Washington's proxy, just like Al-Qaeda.
ALL reports and news by western media about "bombings" of ISIS by so called "coalition" were obviously fake news. The only real bombings against ISIS were done by Russia's Air Force. Sure, Israeli government too convinced 99% of israelis of the big lie. It made Bibi thinking that what US was doing to Syria might one day happen to Israel. Trust Washington ??? Not anymore. During his meetings with Putin, Netanyahu learned a lot more about fake face of Washington. He now knows more than Washington would like him to know. Country that avoided fighting alongside Russian Army against Nazis, country that secretly supported Hitler before WWII and during WWII, country that said NO in 1948 in UN during voting(in the first round) while USSR said YES. Country that in order to avoid total loss to Japan in 1945 decided to save its face by dropping two nukes and killing over 1 million people...etc. This is the real dirty ugly face of the criminal US.
6. Ron: good summary, but not sure there's much new here...
Rafi ,   US   (07.09.18)
Israel will need all its intelligence capabilities to be on alert for Iranian/ Hezbollah tricks & scheming in south Syria, proximate to the Golan and Israel.
7. Bibi is not a coward, he is a wise leader
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (07.10.18)
It is true that Israel can destroy Syria and Iran, Bibi is not a coward, he is a very wise leader. Listen up Israel has many other enemies, therefore Bibi has put destruction of Iran on hold. As for destroying Syria it is a complex situation, you got the Ruskees, the Turks, Hezbollah, ISIS, and other entities. Israel cannot afford to fight on two or three fronts. Although Israel has the might to do so. Each Israeli life is precious. Where as the Arab hordes have millions of lives which they can afford to lose. They don't care. God bless Israel and Bibi.
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