Yad Vashem’s chief historian: 'We can live with parts' of Polish-Israeli statement
Published: 09.07.18, 09:05
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1. She also could live with partial monthly salary,50% perhaps?
ab   (07.09.18)
2. When push comes to shove we can live 100% without Poles!
3. Dina Porat, you are right
C   (07.09.18)
4. Living in partially......
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (07.09.18)
of half truths with many deep holes in between will only allow unforseen intrusions into the Jewish character that Israel's forefathers fought so hard to preserve. The worst is the inflamatory of betrayal that comes after the acceptance of a goverment based on half truths that does not reflect any sincerity or honor of the Jewish people. As such, Israel will preserve the honor of it's people without such an one.
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