Official use of Arabic dropped from final version of nationality bill
Moran Azulay
Published: 09.07.18, 11:03
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1. This law is complete waste of everyone's time
2. Most countries have only ONE official language
"LanguageIslands" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.09.18)
we are an island of Hebrew speakers in the Middle East just as
Hungarians Greeks French English German speakers are "language islands"
in their respective regions they all have minorities but don't give them
special language rights closest is Canada but ONLY in a couple of their
provinces where a high
percentage of speakers are French speakers not in all their provinces
Most countries are "language islands" surrounded by other "language
3. Let the Brits adopt Arabic as their second lingo! WTF is
this filthy language even DOING in a JEWISH state???!!!!!
4. we became a sick nation with sick leaders
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.09.18)
5. Nu.Just do it.
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.18)
6. Arabic spoken by100s of millions,doesn't need Jewish recogni
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.09.18)
7. necessary and overdue
Tzioni ,   Israel   (07.09.18)
This law is necessary and long overdue. Arabs have more rights in Israel than any Muslim nation - they vote and serve in the Knesset and on the courts. There is no Muslim or Arab nation which gives equal rights to minorities. If there can be 57 Muslim states, surely we can have one Jewish state.
9. official languages in other countries
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.09.18)
a lot of comments here show a complete ignorance of official languages in other countries : for example:
spain:basque language in basque and navarra region,gallicia in galicia, katalan in
katalonia,valencia and balear islands.
uk:scottish-galic in scotland,welsh language in wales etc.etc

learn a bit and then comment
10. god helps those who help themselves
jeff   (07.09.18)
denying haredi kids self defense training to exclusive Torah study does not save lives. it invites bullying and worse. haredi leaders are dead wrong for years, for centuries. religious study must be accompanied by daily self defense training in addition to vocational education.

haredi leaders could not be more wrong. Hitler teaches Israel must have the gun and all Jews must have defense training. polite appeals for help get a knife in the back, along with pity and scorn.
11. If Israel is looking for a 2nd Language,try ENGLISH
Alan ,   SA   (07.10.18)
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