Lieberman warns Hamas: Get it together and stop the fires
Moran Azulay
Published: 09.07.18, 16:03
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1. About time.The Right is unable to deal with multiple issues.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.09.18)
What's if Israel had to deal with war with Egypt,Jordan and Syria? Would the Right be so slow in reacting because there was more than 1 front? The Right looks incompetent.
2. Mr
Mario ,   Porat   (07.09.18)
With a lady like Liberman, Hamas is seriously considering to got some fear......
3. Minister of Talk,Tak and nothing but the Talk
ab   (07.09.18)
4. Gabbay as PM would make Bambi Livni look like
A ,   OutThere   (07.09.18)
Wonder Woman. Never offers solutions only criticism of the current government.
5. lapid complains bibi doing nothing about kite terror
joe   (07.09.18)
lapid is correct in that bibi has done nothing about kite terror. bear in mind lapid was totally wrong in the gaza war backing the idf when they sat on their asses without destroying tunnels waiting for bennett to force the issure.

understand that bibi s not a military man. he knows nothing about how to attack, has no feel or instinct on what might be done. i doubt that he has ever fired his weapon successfully against enemy soldiers. he is not a military man.

closing the kerem crossing will do next to nothing. i told you bibi is not a military man regardless of his service. he is much like herzog and olmert, clueless on combat other than being injured.

so look to lieberman and bennett for military measures and plans. forget about bibi-he knows next to nothing.
6. He claims to be Jewish but he loves to eat pork
Shela Ramon ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.10.18)
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