Rivlin warns discrimination in nationality bill hurts Jewish people
Moran Azulay
Published: 10.07.18, 13:29
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1. Can the Poles have bill banning Jews from living in a town?
I guess, we all agree that this would be antisemitic. This section of the Nationality Bill might have been well intended, but it erodes the ideas of Israeli founding fathers.
2. How does Rivlin react
Raphaël ,   Netanya   (07.10.18)
To the israeli arabs' ethnic cleansing methods, e.g. the pogroms of Pekiin, oct. 2007, the riots of Lod and Yafo as haredim built housings, or Kafr Manda 2016?
They do not need any law to repell non muslim, as in Nazareth, where the Christians take shelter from the Muslims by moving to Nazaeth Illit.
3. The left and right should both oppose this law.
Akiva   (07.10.18)
We are on the path to becoming an insane, fascist ultra nationalistic country. Seriously. This is not the way to protect the Jewish people. Have we not learnt lessons from the past? Israel's right has become more and more obsessed with becoming more conservative and extreme.
4. Bill Recognizes Reality
Tony ,   Holon   (07.10.18)
This bill simply recognizes the reality of how communities operate in Israel. There is nothing wrong with creating a legal framework for it.
As far as Rivlin's statement "...without Druze, without LGBT. Is this the meaning of the Zionist vision?"
Yes, it is. I seriously doubt Herzl or anyone else had "LGBT" people in mind. Rivlin is just pandering the left wing press.
5. Rivlin is a Disgrace
Rosie   (07.10.18)
Rivlin is the worst Israeli President ever. He is an appeaser and acts like a Bozo and does not consider the rights and the future of the Jewish people. Amazing how he bends over backwards for the enemy of the Jewish people and thinks he will be loved by the enemies.
6. Ashkenazim Will Have All White Blonds Neighborhoods
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.10.18)
It's a natural progression for the caste on top. Where have we seen this sort of society before?
7. Nonsense as usual from Rivlin
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.10.18)
Even if all his concerns were addressed in the bill he will still not be happy.
8. We ain’t got much luck with our presidents, what’s going on?
9. W.C. Fields lives again in looks and clownship
TheFoolishJewishPres ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.11.18)
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