Israeli spaceship scheduled to land on the moon next year
Yaron Drukman, Associated Press, and Reuters
Published: 10.07.18, 20:32
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1. Let it pal flag
Shifaa   (07.10.18)
And uncle tutoo eill say it is pal state
2. Jewish billionaires playing with their toys
naro   (07.10.18)
Jewish billionaires playing with their toys with their very ill gotten . No doubt a scheme to avoid US taxes somehow. That is all these people think about.
3. Eat the dust, "World"!
4. space ship passengers
michael ,   Raanana   (07.11.18)
Good idea, arrange for the leftists to be on the space ship.
5. Humans have never sent or been on the moon.
Zippy ,   NYNY   (07.11.18)
It is impossible.
6. Israel makes progress with giant steps while Muslims sink
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.11.18)
deeper into their hell holes
7. "Israeli spaceship scheduled to land on the moon "
A ,   OutThere   (07.12.18)
is more important than ending the incendiary kites and helium filled condoms sent into Israel by the islamic simians in gaza to destroy crops and wildlife.
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