Opinion  Alex Fishman
The games at play in Syria
Alex Fishman
Published: 10.07.18, 23:58
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1. with the multitude of problems he still has in Syria, why...
Rafi ,   US   (07.11.18)
... would Assad want to start up with Israel NOW, on the Golan, or in the DMZ? - and get his butt kicked real hard?

Makes no sense whatsoever from his standpoint - UNLESS Iran & Hezbollah are behind the moves...
2. earthquakes
rita rabinue ,   bat-yam   (07.11.18)
First tell the Syrians to stop bombing near the Great Syria-Africa Rift as it is causing earthquakes throughout the region
3. The games at play in Syria
samuel tayar   (07.11.18)
Syria: The game is over. Step over the line & puff - no syria, only sand, rubble & bones.
4. What about IRANIAN and SHIA MILITIAS in Syrian uniform
Alan ,   SA   (07.11.18)
5. Russia will not prevent Israel
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (07.11.18)
What Israel must ask is what will Russia do to respond. It's no game to humans killed.
6. Assad and mullahs slaves
Rami ,   Helsinki   (07.11.18)
So Putin will order them not to take Golan. I thought they said they were prepared to march all the way to Jerusalem.
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