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Martin Luther letter critical of Jews is up for auction
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Published: 11.07.18, 17:41
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1. Well, all anti-semitism derives from religious interpreting
ylzinn ,   Lavras   (07.11.18)
Luther was as anti-semitic as the Inquisitors, in theory. Even if he never preached anhilation of Jews, his sermons and texts (such as this) would serve to other radicals in proposing violence. So, nothing new here. He was anti-semite, oh yes. The fact that he is hated by Catholics changes nothing.
2. Educated man writes bad. It means bad.
Eden   (07.11.18)
3. Strange to call a religion after human “Luther”
CultOfLuther ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.18)
It really must be a US cult even in Germany
They call themselves” Evangelical Church “
Not “Lutheran Church” Methodists call many of their churches
“Wesleyan” after their founder John Wesley
John Calvin has his cult followers too
I’ve heard
Lutherans after mentioning his name
Say “Martin Luther ...of Blessed memory “!
I think many “Lutherans”really believe
They are the true religion very closed knit
Despite some of their “Liberal” declarations
“Crystalnacht” was carried out on Luther’s
Birthday Hitjer subsidized trips to the
Then Anti Semitic Christian Catholic play
At “Oberamagau in Bavaria “his favorite play”
4. Luther was definitely an antisemite
C   (07.11.18)
the fact that his antisemitism was based in religion rather than in racism
is irrelevant.
racially based antisemitism was a late development mainly promulgated
by the nazis. yet racial antisemitism was rooted in religious antisemitism.
5. Luther - worst jew-hater until hitler
Adi ,   Haifa   (07.11.18)
hitler had luther's "On Jews..." as his table book.
6. His words are hate. Pure hate. There’s no confusion
Eden   (07.12.18)
7. All of us mere humans
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (07.12.18)
fall short of God's glory and bear responsibility before the One who is more than mere human.
8. $300,000? Too expensive toilet paper.
Ex Oleh Chadash   (07.12.18)
9. What do you mean? Some of Luther's best friends were Jews
Alan ,   SA   (07.13.18)
10. Quote Luther " I would baptize them with a rock around their
"Lutherites" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.13.18)
necks and throw them into the Elbe River"
11. he was
Orwo   (07.14.18)
Ofcourse he was an Antisemite(but not at the beginning),also he was Anticatholic and later he sayed the Farmers has no right to protest against the Kings.

But to be true,the most Protestants dont know it.THe "work" of Luther was that he translated the Bible into german.Before the people didnt know what was written becaue all Priest spoke Latin.
12. An important relic
Joe Wyse ,   Hadera   (07.14.18)
This letter is an important primary historical source attesting to the development of European and Christian history and antisemitism.... another milestone post on the road to auschwitz. One hopes that it will be acquired by an appropriate institution such as Yad Vashem.
13. Hogwash.Luther inspired pogroms of Jews during his life time
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.15.18)
This is what prompted the great Jewish migration from Germany to Eastern Slavic lands
14. Hitler ADMIRED Luther...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.15.18)
15. Luther TRANSLATED that big book of evil, called the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.15.18)
"New Testament", but he did NOT invent it....he just stuck to it...
16. “Hitlerites” “Lutherites” no great deal different
TheHateLivesOn ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.18)
Although they seem to hate each other
There are still sizeable groups of
Both Lutheran and Roman Catholics
Who are dangerous virulent Anti Semites
Sharing a common racism so in that respect
They are “Ecumenical “ Many have Left
The Lutheran Church after learning
What “tag” they carry it’s not easy for
Them but many make that moral decision
No amount of praising Luther can cover up his
Plainer than plain racism.
17. Luther believed in Witches was against peasants
LutheransHaveAproblm ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.18)
Supported “The State” the princes against
The peasant farmers revolt which resulted
In an estimated 100,000 dead peasants how
Many women “witches” were killed as a result
Of his belief ?! He may have broken the yoke
Of Rome but substituted the yoke of
The ruling classes I.e.The State” it was Said the
Lutheran Church was the subdued housewife
Of the German State Today in Germany and in the USMidwest
Lutheran pastors who Are openly anti Semitic
Not to mention photos of the “Liberal” ELCA
Lutheran Church hysterically rejoicing in
The vote to boycott Israel
18. What about Luther's treatse "The Jews and their Lies"??
Dave   (07.17.18)
Why doesn't the commentator refer to the incitement to violence against Jews that Luther wrote in The Jews and their Lies?! It's no different than Mein Kampf and probably even worse.
19. Luther's of the cornerstones of Nazi Philosopy
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (07.19.18)
What an awful chap...nailed the 99 Feces on Church Doors!
20. I think today to say you are a Lutheran will draw stares
ProudLutherFollower? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.19.18)
To walk around with the moniker of racist anti Semite boycotter
of Israel as your "spiritual guide and hero "
cant be pleasant PC these days no wonder so many young people
desert "Lutheranism " for other faiths or none Only in
areas where Jews almost don't live the Midwest or most
of Pennsylvania where German and Nordic peoples predominate
will you find any strong communities of Luther's followers held
together by preaching a dark fear and damnation theology
a new phenomena among Lutherans is starting to appear
Lutheran pastors in the Midwest and New Jersey that openly
blame the Jews for the world's ills see Lutheran Ministerial and
Synod Mark Dankof it is the natural culmination of Luther's followers
They are joined in their hate of the Jewish Homeland by other
Protestant Reformer churches Methodists United Church of
Christ ( Pilgrims church ) Quakers and the "liberal" Unitarians
oh and the Reformer Calvin's Presbyterian Church their all
in good company with the "Lutherites"
21. All forms of discrimination are deplorable
Miller   (07.23.18)
No one with any love of truth will deny Luther was not antisemitic.
The whole of creation is waiting for the day when peace will prevail.
It seems there is no greater hatred for an ethnic group, than the Pals.
If anyone sincerely desires to understand antisemitism, please disguise
yourself as a Pal and travel Israel for a year.
There will be no doubt if anyone has the courage to do this.
There is no doubt there is great wrong among the Pals as well,
Longing for the day when peace will prevail.
Yeshua Ha Moshiach, please come soon!
22. Few Lutherans visit Israel but support Arabs
LuthersHateLivesOn ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.18)
They financially suppprt one of the most viciously
Anti Israel Palestinian institutions Augusta Victoria Hospital /
Anti Israel propaganda mill
Where visiting US and German Lutherans
Get a good dose of Luther’s hate of the Jews
And are never told the hospital works. Loosely with Hadassa Jewish
Hospital nearby AntibSemitism in the hearof the Jewish Homeland obsceni
23. No disrespect intended
Tova Elberg   (08.01.18)
but Luther was also paranoid schizophrenic, with all kinds of interesting delusions and "visions."
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