Israel to impound Gaza flotilla ships to benefit terror victims
Yael Friedson
Published: 12.07.18, 09:36
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1. Compensating terror victims families
befare ,   Sweden   (07.12.18)
Does that mean the more than 100 Gaza civilians. or is it simply stealing from the poor and suffering?
2. "the German attack on the Lusitania"...
A   (07.12.18)
Well, Fatboy, the Lusitania was smuggling arms from the US to Britain, under the pretense of being a passenger liner (not unlike the European liars and their flotillas). Churchill knew about it and he knew the Germans knew about it and forbade any information to be leaked, as he was HOPING the Germans would torpedo the Lusitania, therefore dragging the US into the war. So actually, Fatboy, you aren't too far off, as the flotillas from Europe are just a cover to provide weapons to the gaza terrorists. Now go have a donut or 10.
3. Well said!
Marc ,   Montreal   (07.12.18)
4. FB Shlom Zion: "Why do you hate Jews?"
A ,   OutThere   (07.12.18)
Fatboy Sherry has never recovered from the trauma of being violently accosted and humiliated by a dangerous gang of 3 Jewish grade school girls...when he was 18.
5. Another victory for the amazing Israel Law Center!
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.12.18)
The Israel Law Center has a long record of successfully suing terrorists and their supporters. It stops flotillas and does many more great things. Impounding hostile flotilla ships to compensate terror victims is another victory for this amazing organization.

It is way past time to end ALL sick Israeli support for our mortal "Palestinian" foes, who harm us in every humanly possible way. No other state, in human history, has voluntarily supported its foes.
6. Its about time that Israel did this!
Mike 71 ,   Los Angeles   (07.15.18)
As I watched the speaker on the video, I couldn't miss the Communist flag alongside the Palestinian one behind her. Marxists have always hated Israel since Lenin wrote "On the Jewish Question." The seizure and sale of these vessels will help compensate victims of Hamas terrorism. This decision should have been made eight years ago. The Mavi Marmara would have made an excellent coastal ferry sailing daily from Ashdod to Haifa and back. As for the cargos carried by these intruders, they should be donated to indigent Holocaust survivors who have few resources. The loss of these vessels will serve as a disincentive to blockade runners, as purchasing and outfitting them is costly. I hope to visit Israel in the future and ride the frequent, speedy and comfortable coastal ferry services.
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