4 Israelis hurt from Gaza rocket hit in Sderot
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.07.18, 19:22
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1. I wish wounded Gazans speedy recovery
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.14.18)
2. Pitiful
JL ,   NYC   (07.14.18)
...that Israel allows these animals to live and only threatens to harm them if they increase the distance of their rockets. Why are people in Tel Aviv worth more than those in the South?
3. broken record
Ralph   (07.14.18)
It the same story over and over. Gaza chooses to wage unabated warfare upon Israel. At the same time, Israel attacks Hamas with restrained tactics and ensures the supply of the water, food, oil, and medicine, to Gaza.

Negotiations have been ongoing for decades and decades and are clearly pointless. It is time to demand an Israeli victory.
4. Who is running the country
Ralph   (07.14.18)
The Palestinians have tried airplane terror, bombs, suicide belts, rockets, tunnel attacks, and balloons. Tomorrow it will be drones and something else. This is who these people are. It is unabated war on Israel and the government refuses to contain the threat. Who is running the Israeli government ? Did the Jewish population elect Norway or Belgium to govern Israel
5. The level of callousness our Dear Leaders are exhibiting
toward the less fortunate(and affluent) parts of our population is staggering!
All the taxes I’m paying, all the might of IDF and they allow THIS to happen?!
Are you f.. with me?!!!?
6. target homes of entire gaza leadership
james   (07.14.18)
rocket, missile, artillery, land rocket, air force and other vehicles should wipe out homes of entire gaza leadership. key facicilites should be obliterated. and idf should not stop. just keep it going. you don't have to consult with anyone. keep it going until white flags show up.
7. sometimes wars are necessary
joe   (07.14.18)
after the holocaust, Jews swore they would fight to the last man to defend themselves and never again would they allow themselves to be taken down at least without taking down the other side.

sometimes wars are, a war is necessary to resolve the gaza situation. Israel cannot afford not to fight such a war; because if it just does defensive reactions, provocations will be endless.

bibi does not fight wars, he just reacts even then reluctantly. why is that?. perhaps from nearly drowning after being shot if rumors had some basis to them, or if he was always fearful. he does not want to fire the first shot.

so here in Gaza, he is late, reacting defensively and weakly so as not to provoke all out war. bibi does not do all out wars. so he will likely chase Egyptian mediation and here we go again, same cycle repeated.

so why is bibi even pm?. because lapid livni, olmert herzog and now gabbay are even weaker than him.

strong leaders like Bennett, feiglin,, barkat, ariel, lieberman are shunned by the media giants. so what we can infer is that jews are still fearful of war, prefer to let usa do its fighting or suck up to russia for its false assurances, even willing to be dzimmis again, and perhaps have a death wish.

bibi has performed poorly in the Jordanian matter, his apology to erdogan, he abymal performance in the gaza war, his endless trips to russian to be taken in by false assurances. he is not a war leader. he is a diplomat, not a warrior.

and if hamas and hezbollah ever beat Israel, one million Jews will be killed, the rest booted out and a few kept in the new country of Palestine.
8. I thought I heard someone say not even a trickle of rocket..
Eliyahu Konn   (07.14.18)
fire would be tolerated.
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