UNRWA spokesman: 'Gazans have nothing to lose'
Alexandra Lukash
Published: 14.07.18, 22:28
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1. reality
steve s   (07.14.18)
A society solely dependent on aid isn't meant to last anyway. The aid was intended to get them back on their feet and become self sustaining. The Palestinians are an example of wasted aid ....... a system gone bad. Perpetual aid is to blame.
2. Make the requested reforms.
USA   (07.14.18)
Make the reforms the United States requires and THEN you will get the money. Simple. So no need for the whining from beggars, just do what is asked and you get the money for us to put food in your mouth. If you don't want to reform, you can get your money from the Arabs and Muslims that share your hatred, or you can do without.
3. Cry me a river,parasite surrounded by parasites
ab   (07.14.18)
4. Poor me Palestinian!!
David ,   Germany   (07.14.18)
The United Nations Palestinian aid agency official is full of it! If you used half of the money that you received in the past, not only from the US, for Gaza infrastructure instead of paying off jailed terrorist and weapons, you wouldn't be in this situation today. Hamas is a terrorist organization that stays in power and runs Gaza like the Gestapo did in Germany. Israel, the US and anyone else that has half a brain need to pull out of the UN. Money pissed in the wind! The US president is the only leader out there that has a set of balls and tells it like it is!
5. "Gazan's have nothing to lose?
tiki ,   belgium   (07.15.18)
The city is still standing?
Only 50% are unemployed?
UNWRA is still there?
EU still gives money?
Summer camps are still functioning?
Hamas/Jihad leaders are still alive?
Iran is still supporting them?

A lot to be done until they understand they have indeed lost everything.
Robert ,   Israel   (07.15.18)
Perhaps UNRWA spokesman doesn't yet realize that Gazans biggest problem is that they live under Hamas' boots.
7. prison now, prison 1961
d ,   kfar saba   (07.15.18)
after i found that gaza was defined as a prison in 1961, i stopped
giving any credence to the "gaza is a prison".

if the people have been in a prison over 57 years, there is
probable a reason and israel cannot free them.

it was probably a prison before 1961, but no one noticed.
8. US State Department
C   (07.14.18)
the us state department has a highly classified report which states that
the number of arab refugees is grossly overstated.
9. Why still receiving sacks if flour?
Vered, Israel   (07.15.18)
Why are the Gazans receiving emergency-level sustenance food, such as sacks of flour for 70 years?
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