Hamas, Islamic Jihad say ceasefire reached with Israel
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.07.18, 22:50
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1. Defetist IDF'll Hamas to burn Israeli forests with impunity
ab   (07.14.18)
,as if it didn't take decades to establish them.
Fire the IDF top ,let the them find a honest day job
2. temporarily
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (07.14.18)
Hamas lies, I'd be more than happy with a ceasefire.Only Israel was not involved, Israels heavy retaliations forced Hamas to give in to the Egyptian initiative for a stop to the rockets.
Hamas cannot maintain the agreement, as hamas does not control the people.
It is a common fallacy to think that an agreement with the leadership, means an agreement with the prople. Only in democratic Israel is the opinion of the people equal to the opinion of the government. and so an agreement with Israels leaders is a real one.
3. Same Old Same Old
Dan ,   USA   (07.15.18)
If one looks back in history they will find battles and wars are won by killing the enemy. Israel just has to look back at it's own history to recognize this fact. Today's leadership in Israel seems to believe that never ending skirmishes followed by cease fires, with leaders who can not control their radicals, is the way of life Israeli's are content with. There is not another country in the world, with the power that Israel has, that would put up with being so attacked and with a leadership that allows this to continue.
4. ceasefire bibi
morton   (07.15.18)
following his usual practice, pacifist bibi chases ceasefires dictated by Hamas. anything to avoid all out war. even with a drizzle of rockets and mortars after lying hamas says they would adhere to a ceasefire, bibi knows nothing else. in his bones lies a frightened man. of course the real problem in Gaza has not been dealt with.

and the idf cares more about its major who was injured than Israeli civilians getting hurt. Lieberman, do not listen to one word bibi utters because he is influencing you. he knows next to nothing about warfare and his ideas are pathetic. he chases ceasefires.

his grovelling to trump and putin prove he is not his own man and never was. what a bulls**t artist!

there should have been a land, sea and air blitz of hamas non stop until white flags appeared with no incendiary baloons or kites being fired.

bibi is one heck of a coward.
5. why hit only 1 or 2 big training sites
james   (07.15.18)
why not hit 100 training sites instead of a few, even if they are big. why chase a ceasefire, why not wait a bit to ensure no projectiles or kites come out of Gaza as they have.

the reason is bibi is scared to death of blood and will chase any ceasefire even if he signs up first. oh he says a few tough words which are meaningless. he is the wrong man to lead Israel as is all of the opposition. only Bennett, barkat, feiglin, Lieberman are viable. Lieberman like yaalon is being reduced by bibi's nervous calculations-Putin, the north, trump.

bibi is one freaking mess. his interactions with putin harm its deterrence.and everything he tells Russia goes right into Iran and Syria. what an ignoramus!

in times of soviet union and their threats against israel notwithstanding, meir, dayan, sharon and others did their duty regardless of soviet threats. not bibi-
he sucks up to Putin. he simply lacks guts.
6. Ms
Jeannine Assayas ,   bournemouth   (07.15.18)
Why another ceasefire? They just rearm after destroying acres and acres of Israeli nature and traumatising children. Israel must not agree to this and continue demolishing ALL Gaza terrorist infrastructure! There will just be more rockets and more fires whenever these muslims decide!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
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