The 'national library' that turned into a training facility
Yoav Zitun
Published: 15.07.18, 09:03
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1. Israel, too, puts state infrastructure under IDF disposal
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (07.15.18)
2. PalestineNationalLibrary can fit into London Telefone Booth
Alan ,   SA   (07.15.18)
3. to Mr: so what? The Wehrmach was part of the Nazi state
moshe Buhbut ,   Beer Shiva, Israel   (07.15.18)
4. Nikki Hailey must file a UN complaint of UNHCR inaction
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (07.15.18)
All this while UNHRC has contradicted itself by supported pals that doesn't profess the right of gaza to live progressively by making the LIBRARY a place to launch terrorism when it is actually a place to gather knowledge for the progress of humanity. It is already a known answer that IDF would then obliterate the building where terror activity is centered in. Why must Nikki Hailey point this out to UNHRC to lodge a protest against the usage of the library by hamas? Does UNHRC got any brains other than protesting against Israel?
5. Posts 1 and 3: fake names, same poster
A ,   OutThere   (07.15.18)
Julius the maggot
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