Netanyahu: We didn't agree to ceasefire without halt of incendiary balloons
Inbar Tvizer, Moran Azulay, Matan Tzuri
Published: 15.07.18, 11:40
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1. Ayayayay carramba! How the Mighty Have Fallen! Our PM doing
the "explaining" to Hamas & people of Israel
2. Good-dig in your heels + don't give in. Barbarians (Pali's)
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.15.18)
or Hamas puppets need to realize one day that food and supplies is
more important than weapons.
3. stopping the kites requires lifting the Warsaw siege
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.15.18)
4. terrorist Israel must lift siege on Gaza first
Ephraim Hendel ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.15.18)
5. Warnings+tit for tat have no effect on Hamas, only big hits
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.15.18)
Hamas already looking for excuses to continue terrorizing.They need another big hit. It took Bibi a long time to respond. He should have done it in the first place but he is more afraid of escalation than protecting Israelis. Only now did he decide that arson was bad.
6. Mr Bennet. Avigdor is M.O.Defence. U are M.O.Ed Why u talk.
Eden   (07.15.18)
7. Mr Bennet. Yr minister Sheked wants to decriminalize Marijua
Eden   (07.15.18)
Marijuana drug. How can we take anything you say seriously.
8. No physical evidence means evidence of absence.
ZIPPY'S USED CARS ,   Levittown, NY   (07.15.18)
9. mr
steve gure   (07.15.18)
It is clear to me that Israel has to do more than it is doing to stop this terror
10. avigdor-do not listen to netanyahu
harold   (07.15.18)
you should not listen to anything bibi tells you. the man knows nothing about how to attack, how to dig in, he is not measured. in fact one could ask how he ever ended up a commando. the idf seems to be in his image f worrying and freaking out.

look to Russia as to how they have handled things. Israel should have launched an all out blitz from land, air, sea,using drone and other vehicles non stop.only when a white flag appears should israel react.

instead you have bibi rushing to ceasefires, then hamas violates it and we are back to square one. bibi is no different than lapid herzog livni and gabbay- the same ineffectual weakling.

there is something wrong with the idf. they should never have kept bibi in combat role-at most he is a desk or media officer. he has no idea of how to fight. no instinct for it, hates it, and holds back the idf constantly.
11. bibi unfit for office
jay   (07.15.18)
leave aside alleged corruption scandals. bibi is unfit to lead Israel through warfare. we have noticed that his reluctance is almost genetic. he cannot bring himself to attack and wipe out. his whole mantra is giving speeches, throwing out a few tough words, and then accommodating hamas ceasefires which it then violates.

Israelis know this but are reluctant to demand Bennett take over because of his party. in 67 when Rabin took ill and eshkol dithered,yes he dithered, they demanded Dayan come back and with him and Weizmann of the air force carried Israel to victory.

Jews still have a hard time shaking off their submissive turn the cheek attitude.t he idf is more concerned about vacating Hamas buildings before hitting them than killing the enemy.

bibi is a dzimmi in my judgement. he grovels before Putin and trump, ye s grovels. he is not a war leader. his words are empty. he has no business leading Israel period.

if you want some decisive actions against terror, elect Bennett as pm. otherwise you are bloody well doomed and deserve to be if you continue electing cowards.
12. snivelling liar
mark   (07.15.18)
no ceasefire unless incendiary baloons or kites stop. air force to target them. guess what- a humus field just got torched by an incendiary. not only bibi but avigdor is full of hot air. shoot any and all terror device throwers regrdless.

bibi is a snivelly bs artist. he has now turned avigdor into one as well. this also happened to yaalon under bibi.
13. Mr
Daniel Freedman ,   Tzfat   (07.15.18)
14. Balloons war against IDF: 1000 : 1... easy WIN for GAZA!
ironbutterfly   (07.16.18)
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