Ismail Haniyeh: More escalation unless siege on Gaza is lifted
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, Matan Tzuri
Published: 15.07.18, 13:42
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1. Level Gaza
Gee59 ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.15.18)
Level all of Gaza and leave not one stone standing upon another. Then we will peace
Robert ,   Israel   (07.15.18)
Haniyah's boat is making water. It is sinking and he is still demanding conditions. It is not Israel who will get rid of him and his cohorts, but the same Gazans that are fed up of being his slaves, fed up of his misuse of money received from abroad, fed up of living miserably while he lives in opulence.
Because of Hamas, Gazans are seen as a worldwide problem. Nobody likes them. Nobody wants them. Not even their Muslim brothers.
3. Haniyeh: moron on the loose!
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.15.18)
"I will fight to the last drop of Palestinian blood!"

The thought that never enter's Haniyeh's mind: "If we're peaceful, maybe we'll get better results."

How many years must go by until the residents of Gaza throw Haniyeh and his goons into the sea and decide their future for themselves?
4. They like fire
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (07.15.18)
Napalm all of Gaza down to the bedrock.
5. Haniyeh wants to attack Israel in comfort.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.15.18)
More bravado from Palestinian leaders who haven't achieved anything in 70 years. They can rant and rave and rage and occasionally kill some civilians but not much else.
6. Pals have learned that "escalation" frightens Netanyahu
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.15.18)
Haniyeh deliberately threatened Netanyahu with escalation if the siege is not lifted because Palestinians have learned like everyone else that Netanyahu is afraid of it.
7. "We will not give up on returning to all the land of
A   (07.15.18)
Give it your best, Hyena, hopefully Abdallah the phony king of Jordan/ "palestine" will slaughter even more of you than his daddy did.
8. No, absolutely do not open Kerem Shalom for products. Let
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.15.18)
Hamas learn a lesson. Violence should not be rewarded.

9. by then you will be in the arms of allah
C   (07.15.18)
10. bibi is afriad of escalaiton
ray   (07.15.18)
it is clear that bibi is afraid of escalation. the ex soldier has a fearful heart and no stomach for the fight. he has been doing this since he was pm, stopping, conceding. anyone knew that hamas would lie and cheat on any ceasefire yet bibi rushed to it.

he did this in protective edge. once israelis saw this, his popularity sunk like a stone. he has no stomach for a fight and has been holding back the idf for years as did olmert livni and ehud barak as well.

likud should boot him out fast and hand he reins over to bennett.

11. Jew them down, all the way to the Ovens, again
12. what is a “hummus field”?!
shloime ,   toronto   (07.15.18)
13. It is a field where they grow chickpeas.
Nathan ,   Toronto   (07.16.18)
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