IAF aims to target terror infrastructure, not fighters
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, Matan Tzuri
Published: 15.07.18, 15:51
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1. IAF aims to target terror infrastructure, not fighters
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (07.15.18)
Please explain the logic of the above.
The rockets, kites, balloons, etc are inanimate objects and are only weaponised in the hands of the terrorists.
Unless those who project their hatresd of Israel are targeted and eliminated what on earth is the use of the IDF using expensive missiles etc to destroy items that only cost a few pennies if that.
2. Warning shots didn't stop kites + balloons.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.15.18)
Targeting infrastructure is only valid if it stops the terrorism. If it has the same effect as the useless warning shots Bibi + the IDF better change course quickly.
Avoiding escalation and casualties is making Israel look weak and encouraging
terrorism even if it gives Israel a better leftist media.
3. Let us not wonder why! Ways of Dear Leaders are mysterious!
4. idiots
marcel   (07.15.18)
so long as Israel fights with one arm tied behind its back, it will continue to suffer terror. one cannot fight Hamas if one fears casualties, or if one fears responses from the north, or if one is afraid of one's wife.

ariel sharon and raful eitan blasted the plo out of Lebanon with a sustained effort. they and others also reversed losses in 73 to defeat Egypt. contrast that with the off and on again ceasefires and meaningless statements of its pm-we gave them a heavy blow and we will counterattack if attacked.

israel cannot win its battles so long as it has a coward as pm.

5. shmucks-keep it simple
harvey   (07.15.18)
you have a problem-you deal with half measures because you worry about the north. cut it out. you know what that means.

this is obvious to any observer. Israel refuses to cut out the entities causing terror as if peace will come eventually when an Arab Mandela shows up. and Arab Mandela will never show up now or ever this o forget about it.

Israel's refusal to take out its enemies portends bad things for the Jewish people. this is a defect. it prevents Jews from wholly protecting their families and land.

quiet not peace will be achieved when Israel smashes it enemies. Israel has to be feared to have any kind of quiet. now under bibi's leadership, it is a anemic worrying about eu and ruski responses.
6. target infrastructure, not fighters?
no wonder deterrence it lost. target the Hamas leadership, one head for every kite, and start counting...
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