State seeks 7-month extension to draw up IDF draft bill
Telem Yahav
Published: 15.07.18, 23:19
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1. There's something totally wrong with this whole picture:
a substantial portion of society, bound by their unmovable religious beliefs, refusing to participate in (many!) obligations of said (any) society, is allowed to wield a disproportionate political power, aimed at retaining and strengthening their leech-like existence, is now extorting the hapless government...
Reminds me of the position vs Hamas in Gaza.
At least in Gaza we're allowed to call them by their proper name: enemy!
2. Question for anonymous #1
Yossi Krone ,   Israel   (07.16.18)
A few days ago, Ynet reported that the Chief of Staff of the IDF, Gadi Eisenkot said publicly that nearly 50% of draftable age youth do not serve. He was only merely admitting something that nearly everyone in Israel already knew. So, do you consider them also to be a substantial portion of society, bound by their secular beliefs, who refuse to participate in the obligations of society?" Are they also enemies? And I"m not even talking about the Israeli Arab citizens who are exempted from army service altogether. What's good for the goose ought to be good for the gander.
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