Knesset bans some left-wing groups from schools
Reuters, Tova Tzimuki and Moran Azulay
Published: 17.07.18, 10:44
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1. Terrified
Jez ,   Netanya   (07.17.18)
Bennett is terrified of anyone who doesn't agree with him. As is the govt. Meanwhile israel burns, the govt does nothing
DT ,   TA   (07.17.18)
3. Israeli democracy
George Steiner ,   Zurich   (07.17.18)
The fabled Israeli democracy... You are free to express your opinions as long as they fit those of the (present) government. Let those schoolkids be brainwashed by the right wing speakers who have access to schools. If a Meretz government would ban rightist organizations, it would be a communist type democracy. Like this, it's a fascist democracy. Once, for everybody's good, real democracy should be tried out.
4. The "educator" shoudn't educate
Gene   (07.17.18)

"As a principal, as an educator, it is my duty to stand up and say—no more," Cohen said. "These laws are meant to harm democracy..." Democracy means rule of majority. Freedom of speech is not a "democracy" but "civil liberty". That is not the same. The "educator" needs to be educated himself. He shouldn't come even close to the children.
5. Anyone criticizing this is an arse, devoid of basic
understanding of propaganda warfare.
Invoking that dumb "democracy& free speech" mantra doesn't make it any less asinine!
6. Fire Ram Cohen
Reuven   (07.17.18)
Fire him and tell him not to slam the door on his way out.
7. Leftism killed more people in 20th c. than Hitler...
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN   (07.18.18)
Excellent move by the Israeli government and Mr. Bennett. Debate is one thing, propaganda is another. The Left first propagandizes, then it destroys, everything it touches. Damn right they need to be shut down.
8. Netanyahu's government has done more
for the delegitimization of Israel than all leftist groups together.
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