Syrian civilians approach Israeli frontier fence in Golan Heights
Reuters and Ynet writers
Published: 17.07.18, 13:01
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1. why do you say they're "protesting"? they're FLEEING Assad!
Rafi ,   US   (07.17.18)
duh !!
2. netanyahu has to go
harry   (07.17.18)
bibi allegedly has made concessions to syria on bear golan crossing according to media reports. this man has run scared ever since he came to israel's attention. he is a danger to the security of the state. he gets suckered by putin time and again with false promises. bibi has little understanding of the battlefield-basically a military nerd. he is a press officer, a spokesman.

the idf has to weed out non combat types. bibi in the gaza wars and terror has shown no understanding of how to go on offense. he only talks about reaction which is usually insufficient.

he is not the military figure people think he is. plus he can be scared into concessions. nasrollah is 100X better leader than bibi.

all israelis should know this by now. bennett is a far stronger leader than bibi is. to hold onto power, bibi would join with gabbay-he simplywants power, his conviction is in his rear end. he runs scared. i see it-do you>>
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