Nationality bill approved for final votes at Knesset
Moran Azulay, Inbar Tvizer
Published: 18.07.18, 10:17
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Robert ,   Israel   (07.18.18)
Tibi, you said :"I announce with shock and sorrow the death of democracy". Do you really know what Democracy means?. Do Muslim countries know what Democracy means?. Muslim countries are based on despotism; lack of freedom of speech, lack of freedom for women and gays, lack of dressing freedom. lack of...... Here at Israeli Knesset, you can rant. Could you do the same if you lived in a Muslim country?
So please, first take some classes about what Democracy means, and don't get confused. DEMOCRACY IS NOT DEBAUCHERY.
2. Such a narrow escape in a JEWISH country?! We almost don't
deserve it!
3. Why compare to other countries?
Jon   (07.18.18)
Israel is now non democratic apartheid country. Israel lost it's moral superiority
4. Shame shame shame
Jon   (07.18.18)
The apartheid state.
5. Long overdue but better late than not.
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.18.18)
6. It could be a good bill, only that it doesn't.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (07.18.18)
have a clause that limits any form of extremism of adopting the Jewish tradition. Another is that it does not saperate the distinction of liberal Jews and orthodox Jews in this cosmopolitan Israel of this age. Sabbath is Sabbath to those who works 6 days a week, rest on the 7th day. By employing that there is only One fixed Sabbath day is errornous. When Idf dealt with Gaza riots even through Sabbath and only got their day of rest only when time permitted them to have their Sabbath day in whichever weekday that is chosen. The torah teaches that all men are equal, so what is so special about those in IDF and civilians with small business who needs to work on Sabbath and postpone their Sabbath day to other days
7. And what technically this law is going to change?
Non Jewish resident ,   Israel, north.   (07.18.18)
I own a house and a piece of land, I bought with my own money, I earned by working like any citizens and residents of this country. Can someone take it away from me just because I’m not Jewish?
No. Not even with this law.
I immigrated to Israel as a non Jew and didn’t, nor ever will, convert or changed myself to be “Jewish” ; ever after 12 years in Israel I haven’t figured out yet what being Jewish means as I fail to get one clear answer, so why become someone I’m not and that no one seem to understand here.
This law is just here to make the media talk about Bibi, cause that’s what Bibi wants. And what Bibi wants, Bibi gets.
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