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European Investment Bank casts doubt on EU plan to salvage nuclear deal
Published: 18.07.18, 23:58
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1. Nothing short of direct military attack will stop Iran
2. The EU bastards are as bad as the rabid mullahs.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.19.18)
3. EU is blind.
Brad ,   USA   (07.20.18)
Iran ramped up their nuke production way before we nixed Obama's dirty deal.
4. the eu financing terror?? - no way. just good old jew hatred
Guy ,   Raanana   (07.22.18)
The eu is an institute concocted in the minds of nazi jurists! it is the 4th reich and if someone looks at its actions, it becones crystal clear what it wants!
5. Legally they can't work with iran but with a strong
Tehraniporou   (07.25.18)
political move, that could change. Wait and sea
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