Israel passes nationality bill into law
Reuters and Moran Azulay
Published: 19.07.18, 08:35
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1. Arabs have no previous experience of being a minority...
Jews have no previous experience of being a majority. Arabs are minority within a Jewish majority, which is a minority within the Arabic-majority of the Middle East. This is a Gordic knot. How are we to know that the bill is OK? Try to replace "Israel" and "Jewish" in the bill by "Poland" and "Catholic". If the result will not sound antisemitic, then you have a good bill. If yes, then you might want to ammend it.
2. 80% Of Israeli Jews support “Contraversial”?!
LeftIsNowMinority ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.18)
Israeli”Arabs don’t believe we have a right
To be here at all so whose the real racist ?!
3. Nation state Basic Law
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.18)
Kol Ha-kavod for passing the Basic Law. Only now I can fully feel that I belong to the Jewish nation, not only to our religion. Of course I hope the extremism in its application will be avoided and that the Arab and other minorities will enjoy
all rights, but also have lawful obligations as the Israeli citizens!
4. 80% Of Israeli Jews support “Contraversial”?!
LeftIsNowMinority ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.18)
Israeli”Arabs don’t believe we have a right
To be here at all so whose the real racist ?!
5. Arab Moslem Triumpfalism DEFEATED !!!
ArabsHaveNervousFit ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.18)
A double whammy for the Moslem Arab
Isrsel is the only non Moslem Independent
Country in the Middle East sadly the Arab
Christians have been thoughly Arabized
And have lost almost all of their original
Aramean roots and language and almost
Totally identify with their Moslem oppressors
And have become Moslems in Western clothing
6. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (07.19.18)
god says so. time for muslims, christians to read the bible instead of spouting revisionist history. and....might is right. don't ever forget it.
7. And what exactly is going to change here? Nothing
Non Jewish resident ,   North Israel   (07.19.18)
I own a house and a piece of land, I bought with my own money, I earned by working like any citizens and residents of this country. Can someone take it away from me just because I’m not Jewish?
No. Not even with this law.
I immigrated to Israel as a non Jew and didn’t, nor ever will, convert or changed myself to be “Jewish” ; ever after 12 years in Israel I haven’t figured out yet what being Jewish means as I fail to get one clear answer, so why become someone I’m not and that no one seem to understand here.
This law is just here to make the media talk about Bibi, cause that’s what Bibi wants. And what Bibi wants, Bibi gets.
8. Israel shows the real face
Maroun ,   Beirut   (07.19.18)
We all know that this was coming, no surprises. The only surprise is why so late. Israel, especially the liberals, were try to sell the world the idea that Israel is the only place is the middle east where everyone is treated equally regardless his religion or race or color..... we know that it is not true because even between the Jews, Israel discriminate the African jews for multiple reasons. Honestly, i have no problem with Israel exists but i have a huge problem this Israel exists. An Israel similar to Iran or Saudi, an Israel shifting from being democratic to extrimist and Zionist. We are in 21st century and Israel is going backward, now you are officially middle eastern. Please stop accusing the whole world of being antisemitic since you turned out to be worst.
9. Genius called "Bibi" did it again, Bravo Sir! Now we can be
about 110% certain, who is "with us" and who is against ourselves within our political menagerie.
The very anti-Zionst "Zionist Unon" & El Caudillo & the Usual Leftist Suspects together with their Arab cohorts, have just lost a battle for ONE JEWISH STATE, with ONE Jewish people, FOR the Jewish People.
No to shared country: shared with Muslim mortal foes!
10. Almost Like A Pure Aryan State.
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.19.18)
Certainly the same basic ideology. You know it is said that Hitler got his ideas from the Torah and I can now believe he was onto something.
11. Bibi is so much of a one man leader. All those around him -
Eden   (07.19.18)
Look totally subservient. Like fans next to a rock star.

I don’t see any other leader in the Likud or the opposition who can come close to Bibi in speaking or thought. A blessing will be if Bibi can train one person to take over. When he does retire.

12. Israeli Arabs never gave up the dream of driving Jews out
RacistArabs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.19.18)
Its amazing how supporters of the Arabs in Israel and elsewhere
have the ability to block their ears and minds when those lovely
persecuted Arabs make racist remarks over and over again
against the Jewish People amazing how they can do it
Never again must we be left to live among our haters a
quick reminder are the anti Semitic posts here
13. leave arabic an official language
DOV ,   USA   (07.19.18)
Why treat 20% of Israelis as 2nd class citizens. Is the government that afraid of Israel losing it's identity. I think that Israeli Arabs are just as much a part of Israels identity as Israeli Jews. It's what makes Israel stand out among all nations as being a just and free country for all.
14. Arabic in Names of Countries
Arnie Sherman ,   Durham, N.C.   (10.10.18)
Many Middle East nations have "Arabic" in their names; i.e. Egypt.
Why not " The Hebrew Republic of Israel".
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