EU expresses concern over Israel's Jewish Nationality Law
Published: 19.07.18, 19:20
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1. EU expresses concern over Israel's Jewish Nationality Law
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (07.19.18)
The Islamic (Shia) State of Iran
Saudia Arabia (Sunni) Islamic State
Funny how the EU and Erdogan get their Knic**ers in a twist when Israel quite rightly confirms the official religion but does not prevent others pusuing their own faith.
Even the Queen of England is the Head Of the C o E even though all religions are free to practise
2. The Islamic state of Turkey should mind its own business
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.19.18)
LARRY LISS   (07.19.18)
4. EU, Turkey, Arabs & Leftists in rage
tiki ,   belgium   (07.19.18)
It must be a great law for the Jewish people & Israel.
5. Shes from Italy with its right wing anti Immigrant party
She'sAjoke ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.19.18)
she has better take care first of her own country as the extreme
right anti Immigrant party is coming fast into power there
stay out of our problems never mind she was a devout and still
probably is Communist only got into the EU when the Italian
Communist Party dissolved but she's still on "Marx's Mission" Must
be frustrating for her working with all those EU Capitalistic Sharks
in Brussels
6. Now I am 100% sure that this law is good for the
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.18)
Jewish people.
7. Wow! Did the Nazis just come to power?? NOT!
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.19.18)
The world press is having a field day at Israel's expense. Yet this very same press has no desire to ask Saudi Arabia or Turkey, or Iran or Lebanon how their Jews feel about living in Islamic states. That is, if those states even have any Jews living in them!

Why doesn't the press ask the simple question, "Where did all the Jews of Muslim countries go?" Enough fake tears for the 'plight' of the Israeli Arabs. They are treated far better in Israel than ANY Jew is in any Muslim country.

There are 20 Muslim countries surrounding Israel. Any Arab is free to move to any one of them. THEY DON'T. They would rather live in Israel, with all its warts, than to move to some other Muslim utopia.

It must be a very slow news day to have all the networks working overtime to make Israel look like the ogre of the mideast when just a few dozen miles away, real monsters have been slaughtering Muslims for years.

Muslims killing Muslims, not newsworthy. Jews announcing Israel will remain Jewish, front-page headlines, all negative. No wonder nobody trusts the press anymore.

8. These dhimmies dare to voice an opinion?!!!
9. the two state solution causes worlwide terrorism and violenc
SYKES PICOT 2   (07.19.18)
There is an excellent article by Yoram Ettinger A Palestinian state bad or good for the US? which shows how a Palestinian state is bad for the US and Arab world and the rest of the world.
Colonol John Hughes of British military intelligence wrote "Where the PLO led others followed .in 1969 and 1979 Northern Ireland [the six counties of Ulster united with Britain came under an unremitting terror campaign launched by a new Irish Republican Army"]p390
The Puppet Masters John Hughes .Wilson 2004 implying that the cause of IRA terrorism was worldwide support for Palestian terrorism the establishment of a Palestinian state. and UN resolution242 written by the uk
It was also reported in the London Times that the day before 9/11 Colin Powell agreed with the Saudi ambassador to impose a Palestinian state on Israel and on the day of the Gleneagles summit the G8 voted to give $3 billion dollars to the Palestinians it was also the day of the 7/7 bombings in London in which 52 people were killed in a cycle of violence as they say man plans and G-d laughs.
My understanding is that promotion of a two state solution causes worldwide violence and terrorism which prevents a two state solution .My conclusion is {and history proves me correct} is that a two state solution is DOOMED to fail..Call it Divine Providence call it what you will I don't care
10. EU nations signed Mandate which said the same thing-Jew hate
11. Ther pornographically racist law is prelude to Jewish Nazism
Carmela Minache ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.18)
not apartheid
12. civilized world rejects Jewish Nazism
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.19.18)
13. Christian Europe wants to deprive Jews of their state
C   (07.19.18)
the land of israel is the historic homeland of the jewish people.

king david had built the holy city of jerusalem and his son solomon
had built the first jewish temple in jerusalem.

the jewish people were forced from the land of israel into exile by
a european imperial power and kept in exile for over two thousand years.

during their years of exile, the jewish people were cruelly persecuted
by christian european powers. this persecution ended with the holocaust,
the most savage genocide in european history.
in the holocaust, six million jews, of them one and a half million children,
were murdered, tortured, raped, experimented upon.

at no time during the period of exile, did the land of israel become
a sovereign nation with sovereign rights.
to the contrary, the land of israel became the playground of various
imperial powers.

the jewish people regained their independence and their sovereign
rights when the land of israel was finally liberated by a jewish national
army which fought attempts to annihilate the small civilian population.

today, israel is a sovereign jewish state with her own army and
intelligence services.
israel is the sole and unique jewish state and will remain so forever.
christian europe, which still persecutes its remaining small jewish
population, cannot deprive jews of their independence, their sovereignty,
their national rights, their right to self determination.
14. nation state bill
jonah   (07.19.18)
i have read the complete document. it is quite reasonable. it says the obvious unless Zionist union wishes to deny Israeli history. as for the Arabic language- it enjoys special status. if the minority does not like the document, then move to the 26 majority Arab countries.

they don't like the document because it says Israel is the land of the Jews which it is. that is why they don't like it. they hate Israel even while living in a democratic paradise.
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (07.20.18)
She has joined the voice of Islamist organisations. Not surprising that the EU provides funds to terrorists as stated by the Israeli government.
16. Mogherini and Erdogan Israel's best friends offering advice.
John   (07.20.18)
Those paragons of virtue. If they want to give advice they should try doing it from a position of friendship otherwise they should shut up. All the people accusin Israel of being apartheid state and now they realise that Israel's Arabs have had equality and all the rights of an important minority, so now the bill just makes more explicit what has always been the case that Israel is a Jewish national homeland with Jerusalem as its capital and Hebrew as its primary language like English is in England and German in Germany, French in France and Spanish in Spain etc etc etc.
17. One has to be particularly lobotomized to object this law,
but unfortunately, years of leftist media indoctrination has rendered big chunks of our society a mindless Golem, twitching automatically/involuntarily at every stimulus said media-manipulators provide.
Sad to see it happen to otherwise good and honest Jews in our own country.
18. READ the new law. The status of Arabic language is UNCHANGED
Jake   (07.20.18)
When in doubt, go to the source document.
Never rely on fake news to tell you what's what and who's who.
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