Mossad helped thwart major Iranian terror attack in France
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.07.18, 22:52
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1. Well I guess it’s not a coincidence that Saudi and Israel su
Tehraniporou   (07.19.18)
Support these people. Scr.w the Iranian regime but you have to go through my body to install the mek in Tehran. These traitors to iran that supported the Arabs during the Iraq war should be gunshot. They fill bags of money to poor Eastern Europeans that attend the rally’s. Iranian patriots despise them rightly. Why can’t israel support the son of the shah and the people. There need to be a program where sexy Israelis make out with sexy and (not so) mature Iranians as a national anti war duty. I suggest the initiative begins with Ynet female journalists in their thirties.Quelle vie....
2. Iran killed many of there own in France; some biggies too
jore ,   la   (07.20.18)
3. WHY????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. while France continues to fund Palestinian terror/incitement
5. False flag, fake news, total fantasy
Iron Duke   (07.21.18)
The MEK/NCRI are a fringe syncretic pseudo-Islamist radical Marxist Israeli-aligned cult that is notorious for their use of false flag attacks and their long track record of terrorist attacks and assassinations. How convenient it is that just as Iran is seeking to solidify its relationship with the EU states in the face of the neo-con/neo-lib/Likudist/Saudi/Emirati campaign destroy the JCPOA, to wreck the Iranian economy and overthrow the Iranian government. If you believe the story about this alleged "terror plot", then I have a herd of red heifers to sell to you.
6. Office worker
Josef Rumani ,   Lae, Papua New Guine   (08.01.18)
Iran will find itself more isolated from the rest of the world including the Arab community if it continues to persist down the path of confrontational engagement with its neighbours and obtaining nuclear state status. Only more sanctions and hardships will befall the regime and the innocent people of Iran.
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